Friday, June 1, 2012

Once Burned Teaser Quotes!!!

Calling All Jeaniene Frost's fans! Are you waiting in line for Vlad's book? Feel like time is dragging because June 26 just refuses to arrive already? Well, I have a small solution for you.

Jeaniene Frost has allowed her amazing group of hard working Moderators from the Frost Cemetery to post One Quote a Day from Once Burned leading up to the book's release. Yup! You read it right, One Quote a Day. Now, they won't say who's the speaker; is up to us fans to figure that part out, but hey, I'm in Night Huntress withdrawal here, I'll take whatever they give ~.^

If you want to see the post in real time head over to the forums and join the party. I’ll be posting the quotes as they come along. Can you guess who says what?

UPDATE: Since the book is already out, I'm going to add who-said-what to each of the quotes. Disclaimer: I bought the Kindle Edition of the book, therefore, I can only supply the Kindle Locations of the quotes. If you'd like to check my review of the novel click on this link.

NEW UPDATE: Follow THIS LINK to read Twice Tempted Teaser Quotes, the sequel to Once Burned.

Quote of the Day

June 1 (Day 1)
"People can perfect whatever façade they want, but everyone holds their sins close to their skin." --Leila (Kindle Location: 928)
June 2
"If electrocution is your way of flirting, I commend you on your originality." --Vlad (Kindle Location 782)
June 3
“I never do anything unless I’m sure.” --Vlad (Kindle Location 1018)
June 4
“Okay, now I know you’re not suffering under a delusion from too much role-playing.” --Leila (Kindle Location 1159)
June 5
“We’re all ruthless at one time or another, but he’s in a class by himself.” --Marty (Kindle Location 1228)

June 6
"People frequently bore me, sometimes amuse me, most often irritate me, but rarely intrigue me." --Vlad (Kindle Location 1263)
June 7
"No, but with the right incentive, you could get me to wear a short leather skirt and pretend to be." --Maximus (Kindle Location 1369)
June 8
"My body is the only thing that’s truly mine, so I don’t give it away as though it’s worthless." --Vlad (Kindle Location 1472)
June 9
"I like where you’re going with this, but dig deeper." --Bones (Kindle Location 1898)
June 10
"Family is always irreplaceable, even when they’re also irreconcilable." --Vlad (Kindle Location 2615)
June 11
"You’re not just versatile and complex - it’s like you’re a schizophrenic!" --Leila (Kindle Location 3262)
June 12
"The smile he flashed me was lust at its most savage." --Leila (Kindle Location 3769)
June 13
"If I were easy to kill, I wouldn’t be talking to you." --Leila (Kindle Location 4329)
June 14
"They don’t however, sparkle." --Vlad (Kindle Location 3063)
June 15
"You think my blood is the only tie between us?" --Vlad (Kindle Location 2201)
June 16
"All last night and today, I've wanted your hands on me." ... "I'm not waiting any longer." --Vlad (Kindle Location 3433-3435)
June 17
"And now I’m struck with deja vu," --Vlad (Kindle Location 3367)
June 18
"Um, sure, the European mafia are scary people" --Leila (Kindle Location 3335)
June 19 
"You want to dig up the past metaphorically and literally at the same time?" --Leila (Kindle Location 2854)
June 20
"Call me a multitasker." --Vlad (2856)
June 21 (ohh my, only 5 more days to go!)
"My pleasure, I assure you." --Vlad (Kindle Location 2445)
June 22
"How unconvincing. Try again." --Vlad (Kindle Location 2316)
June 23
"Better, but still not slit-your-throat annoying. Come on, Leila. Do you want this or not?" --Bones (Kindle Location 1901)
June 24 
"As I said, he had this coming." --Bones (Kindle Location 1906)
June 25
"But while I've worn many disguises, I draw the line at a dress." --Bones (Kindle Location 1832)
June 26 (Last Quote... I think)
"It doesn’t have to be sex tonight or nothing,” “Say you’ll let me show you around the house tomorrow." --Maximus (Kindle Location 1312)
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