Monday, June 11, 2012

Books in News #10

Hello again my amazing followers, I know I’m late for this post. It wasn’t intentionally; I was on a borrowed PC during the entire weekend so I couldn’t do it on time. Today’s post covers news from Sunday June 3, 2012 until Saturday June 9, 2012; So let’s get down to business.

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Richelle Mead has released the first two chapters for her upcoming book The Golden Lily, book #2 in her Bloodlines series. Drop by her website to read both chapters back to back. The Golden Lily hit stands this Tuesday June 12, 2012.

Since I’m speaking of YA books, RT Books Reviews did an article on one of BookExpo America’s (BEA) panel: The Evolution of the Young Adult Genre. The panel included authors Bethany Griffin, Jenny Han, Tonya Hurley, Melissa Marr, Elizabeth Norris and Siobhan Vivian. Drop by their blog to read the panel’s summary.

BEA wasn’t the only convention taking place during this past week. E3, one of the largest gaming expositions, was also amassing people from all over the world. For a recap of the week’s events head over to IGN to watch the most important aspects of the Expo in around 15 minutes.

To keep with the technological theme, did you know that there is a new eReader trying to enter the market? It’s name it’s Wexler Flex One and it claims to be the “lightest and thinnest electronic reader in the world.” The 6” e-reader also claims to have flexible display technology (whatever that is exactly I don’t know yet) and to be “full proof from any damage to the display.”

Let’s move on to movies based on books. The furor over Fifty Shades of Grey keeps growing and actors names keep being thrown around as to who should be casted as the lead roles. Well, it seems that a some people want none other than Kristen Stewart to play the role of submissive Anastasia Steele, while some have gone as far as to already pinned her against other actresses such as Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries. Now tell me, are you all for Kristen or against her? Remember that Fifty Shades began as a Twilight fan fiction, so technically Bella wouldn’t be so bad for the role, but do you think Kristen can pull it off? Who did you pictured when you were reading the story (if you have read it that is).

Another movie which origin is a comic book has had a small blooper this past week. It seems that a small series of tie-in children books (for kids ages 3-7) for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises were released by Harper Collins and these books have major movie spoilers. Among the spoilers the books show how Batman came to meet both Bane and Catwoman. There is a rumor that there is an even bigger spoiler, it's all comments from people but I’m not saying what it is in case it is real. If you don’t want to know either I’ll suggest steering clear from the comments section on the last linked article.
In case you didn’t knew and yet are still interested, True Blood began it’s fifth season today. Here is a trailer:

Now, apparently Hollywood has lost its creative juices since lately most of the movies at the cinema are either based on some book or comic book or a remake of a good but oldie movie. Well, buckle up for another remake and this one is a two for one deal. Stephen King’s horror clown will come back to the big screen when director Cary Fukunaga is done with IT. Yes, IT is coming back to haunt and torture a new generation. I’m going to be honest here, I’m extremely conflicted about this one, IT is one of the first horror films I saw as a child (along with the original Chucky and Nightmare on Elm Street) I know I wasn’t supposed to see it (neither actually) but I’ve always love the genre. This clown scared the shit out of me, to the point that, for weeks, I kept imagining that blood was going to rise from the damn bathroom sink; meanwhile I was collecting all the silver earrings I could find in my Mom’s drawer. I saw clips from the movie today on YouTube and I was wondering what was so scary about it, then again I was about 6 when I saw it. So part of me is looking forwards to watch the story; with today’s FXs the possibilities are near endless. The other part of me is scare that they ruin this cult classic. What do you think? Do you love the idea of a remake?

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For this week’s bonus I have a sexy video for you ladies. The second trailer of Magic Mik, enjoy!

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