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Author Interview: Amos Cassidy!

Welcome Back my amazing followers and lurkers! Today I'm being visited by a duo of writers. Two weeks ago I reviewed their first novel Crimson Midnight, and today they are dropping by to chat a bit about their book, their experience as writers and more.

So, who's Amos Cassidy?

Amos Cassidy is a team of two writers from the UK; Amos is a 28 year old Diva and Cassidy a 35 year old mum of two. They have been writing together since 2009 and 'Tales from the Ether' is their first publication. Their debut novel 'Crimson Midnight' is also now available in ebook format. For more information on the 'Crimson Series' please visit:

Mel: First of all, welcome to Journey with Words and thank you for dropping by to chat.

Amos: Hello! Thanks for having us J

Cassidy: It’s great to be here. Got any coffee?

Mel: Sure do! My Dad's drink of choice is coffee so there is always around. How about you tell us a bit about yourselves while I get you some.

Amos: Well, I have exceptional aspirations of grandeur – one is convinced one is next in line for the throne. And I love to dance!

Cassidy: Unlike Amos I have no delusions of grandeur just a concrete certainty that I was meant for greater things. Unfortunately I took a wrong turn somewhere in life…I am still looking for the right path.

Amos: I’m being suppressed. People are just scared to have me in power!

Cassidy: *hands Amos a fake crown* There you go, luv, have at it!

Amos: Thanks, Cassidy J 

Mel: Why you chose to write as a duo? Why not individually?

Amos: We did write individually at one point, before we knew each other. One day, after knowing one another for a while, we decided to give writing together a bash. And it worked out wonderfully. It’s brilliant being a duo! There is always someone there to vent to, to help you when you’re stuck. And the meetings with sugary snacks are fabulous! We are very lucky.

Cassidy: I think Amos covered it pretty thoroughly. We do write individually sometimes when we write short stories. In that case we check each others work and offer suggestions to improve it.

Mel: Did you ever imagine that you’ll end up writing a series together?

Amos: Not at first, but after working on one novel together we knew we were addicted and that we would defo be doing a series.

Cassidy: We have tried writing a stand-alone but it just morphed into a series so we put it aside for now.

Mel: Who came up with the idea to write an Urban Fantasy novel?

Amos: It was a joint decision. We both love Urban Fantasy and wanted to write one.

Cassidy: Actually Amos wanted to write Historical Erotica but I convinced him to go down the Urban Fantasy route instead.

Amos: One day…

Mel: How does the writing process as a couple works? Do you divide the scenes or the characters, or sit together and start writing; do you have specific tasks? How do you do it?

Cassidy: We have a brainstorming session in which we work on the plot, then we start to plan a few chapters. Once the chapters are planned then we decide who will write what. It’s not always a case of taking turns, it’s more a case of who feels most comfortable writing a particular scene or who has a vision in their head already. Sometimes we end up working on the same chapter together.

Amos: That’s the cookie! J

Mel: That sounds like a pretty sweet deal. As readers, who is/are your favorite author(s)?

Amos: Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Karen Marie Moning, Jackie Collins, Kelley Armstrong, Anne Rice.

Cassidy: I have way too many to list! And I’m discovering new ones everyday.

Mel: I'm with you there Cassidy! Let's move on to Crimson Midnight... There are so many creatures that go bump in the night in your book, which one is your favorite and which one was easiest to write?

Amos: Raven is my favourite to write. I really enjoyed writing his scenes. I love some werewolf action.

Cassidy: Rose is my favourite to write. I loved writing the scenes when Rose and Thistle were together.

Mel: Hmm, I do love that sexy werewolf and I do want to see more of Thistle... Rose is obviously a strong female character, part of it stems from the assault, yet occasionally she sees herself as a weak person. How did you decided to write the main character with Rose’s background?

Amos and Cassidy: We wanted a character who was courageous, someone who may be scared but would do the right thing anyway. A true hero in our opinion isn’t someone invincible, but someone who overcomes their fears in order to do the right thing.

Mel: Will we find out what Rose is?

Amos: Yes…

Mel: Okay... Will we know more about Violet’s “illness”? On that note, is Rose’s situation at the end of the book somehow related to it?

Cassidy: Yes…and…maybe…can’t say much more without giving stuff away.

Mel: Oh well, can't blame a girl for trying... So, without giving away any spoilers, what were you thinking when you wrote that ending?

Amos: Mwhahaha!

Cassidy: I was very upset, but it was the way it had to go. Any other way would not have been right.

Amos: And don’t you just love a cliff hanger?

Mel: I have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers, I love them because it makes me want to keep reading; and I hate them because (unless is a completed series) I always have to wait. Anyway, Any news on book 2? Do you have a title already? Series name? 

Amos: Book 2 is off with the Beta Readers at the moment. It is out early September.

Cassidy: The series is called the Crimson Series and although we have a title we are not disclosing that yet, just in case we decide to change it. We don’t want to confuse the readers.

MelWhat are your plans for the series; 2 books, trilogy, 4+?

Amos: We are definitely writing 4 but as the story grows and new plot lines develop, there may be a 5th.

MelWhat’s next for you guys?

Cassidy: We are off to book club at our local library now.

Amos: Um…I think she meant long-term writing-related stuff.

Cassidy: Oh.

Amos: We have so many ideas for novels, novellas and short stories, so we’ve got plenty of projects to keep us going. Right now, we are preparing to do some hardcore research for book 3 and then crack on with writing it; and also getting book 2 ready for publication. We’re so excited about getting book 2 out there!

Mel: Well, I will keep my eyes open for book 2. Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to comeback anytime.

Amos: Thanks so much for having us over! See you soon!

Cassidy: You mind if I take those muffins with me?

Amos: What muffins?

Cassidy: Oops, think I might have finished them…

Amos: Hang on! They’re toffee! Get back here you…
Picture from BBC GoodFood
Mel: Easy Guys, I have more in the kitchen. It was a pleasure to have you here, I'm glad you liked the muffins and hope to see you around soon, possibly for book 2 ^.^ I promise to have more muffins ...any special requests?

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  1. Always love Amos & Cassidy! Great post!

  2. Great interview! I just got a copy of Crimson Midnight and can't wait to read it.

  3. Thank you both, they are a pretty amazing couple and their book was incredible as well.


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