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Reading is one of my passions; has been since early childhood when I gifted what turned out to be my first fairytale book (Disney’s version of The Beauty and The Beast). After finishing that story all I could think of was “more”, more books to read, more stories to immerse myself into. Since that moment I have read many stories and series; some have made me cry, others have made me scream with joy, and some were so not my style that finishing them was quite the struggle. With that in mind I recently decided to create and dedicate my first blog to books and the wonderful worlds they take us. Sometimes, I’m not sure what to read next, all I’m sure is what I’m in the mood for, be it vampires, or faeries, stories were the characters are teenagers or stories with more adult content. As such, I – along with my contributor – will be posting reviews about the books we read as we go along; we will post our ideas and reactions. If you feel like you want to read but don’t know what you can read the reviews by themes and figure out if anything calls to you.

Hello There, call me Mel:

I am a born and bred Puerto Rican woman who’s always been in love with languages in general.I speak two languages, with Spanish being my native language and English my second. An animal lover and environmentalist since childhood. I have some skill with that magic box called The Computer—enough to survive in this “Information Era.”

As a kid I was blessed with the ability to witness the magical side of life. I watched witches work their charms in the forests behind my childhood home; talked to ghosts frequently, spied on fairies and pixies along the flower beds in school and on the go; saw the many creatures that hide in plain sight around my hometown and found the many hidden places normal humans couldn’t enter, and witness as the world itself around me peel itself off baring new, never ending possibilities.

Ever since I was a kid I have always been grateful to be able to experience the old legends come back to life every time as I went by their fabled spots; plus the chance to make some new of my own. Since as an adult I have not lost my peculiar sight using books as means to continue those explorations.


I believe in honesty and I appreciate the trust that you, as followers, place on me when you visit my blog. As such, a policy has been develop to comply with the FTC Guidelines, on the basis of my recent incursion in Blog Affiliations. To read the site policy follow THIS LINK.

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