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All the content written in this blog is originally mine, of my contributor, or my guest writers. If any article in particular borrows from other sources (e.i.: other blogs, websites, books, etc.) it will be specified within said article and a ‘Credits Section’ will be added at the end of the article crediting all the original sources.

Images fall under two categories –promotional and content.


First and foremost, I’m all for freedom of speech and defending people’s rights. Now, there’s a saying that preaches that “one person’s rights end where another person’s rights begin.” Meaning you have all the right to do and say whatever you like so long as you do not overstep mine. The idiom is completely reciprocal and I’m going to keep it to heart when it comes to moderating the blog’s comments. What that truly means is that you can comment and write in any and every post that you like, you can express your feelings and points of view, so long as you DO NOT resort to personal attacks towards fellow commenters or trolling.

Review Requests

To all authors, editors, publicists, publishers and fellow bloggers; first and of let me say thank you. Thank you for considering Journey with Words as a platform to showcase your work. We accept request from all types of publishing companies, be it big, small or self-publish. However, that doesn’t mean all requests can be approve. I’m a college student on a trimestral rollercoaster, while my contributor (my sisters) is a 16 year-old high school student. We both have a considerably big academic load; therefore, we won’t be always able to approve all requests. In addition, we ask that please we are given a wide breadth of time to get to all the requests that do get approved.

I’m the sole administrator of Journey with Words, my sister contributes in writing reviews only. The majority of the reviews will be done by me. If you wish to have a review done specifically by either me or my sister (say you want the perspective of an actual teenager), please specify which of us would you like to author it. If you want me write Mel, if you want my sister write Silros. If no one is specified, I (Mel) will be the default reviewer.


We review books that are intended for Adults and Young Adults with the occasional Children’s Books (the latter are reviewed, but are not the norm), under the following genres and sub-genres:
Urban Fantasy (UF)
Paranormal Romance (PNR)
Science Fiction (Sci-Fi)
Limited Reviewing: (little to non-existent reviews, this is not our main genres)
Erotica (occasionally and only of under UF or PNR theme)
We do not review:
Political Books
Religious Books


We accept books primarily in Kindle-compatible formats (MOBI), as well as Paperbacks and Hardcovers. We do not take requests for audiobooks, sorry, not a convenient format for any of us at the moment. We can accept Epub books as long we are authorized by the sender to convert it into MOBI format using Calibre Software. We also accept PDFs but are not preferred, as we read primarily in Kindle and PDFs tend to distort after convention.

FTC Disclaimer

Neither I nor my contributor(s) receive any monetary compensation in exchange of reviews. The majority of the books reviewed here, on Journey with Words, come from the reviewer’s personal shelves (bought, borrowed, swapped, etc.). However, some books are supplied for free by the authors or the publishers, or acquired through third party sites such as NetGalley in exchange of an honest review. Neither form of acquisition will influence the outcome of the review. The reviews written in Journey with Words reflect the honest opinions of its authors. To know the origin of a book, search for the Source field on each review.

Affiliate Disclosure

Journey with Words is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program as well as the affiliate program for The Book Depository. A small percentage of commission is received for purchases using these links. Commissions earned will help maintain the site (domain name, blog design, postage, giveaways, etc.). In addition we also host book tours and other events for the following site/companies:
  • Innovative Online Book Tours
  • Making Connections Book Tours
  • Making Connections YA Book Tours 

Giveaways Terms & Conditions

These are the basic terms and conditions. Each giveaway will have these basic guidelines which will be expanded to tailor them according to the respective events. Some giveaways will be open internationally, while others will be locally or limited to certain regions. Giveaways, which prizes include Gift Cards, will also be ruled under the Terms of Services of said Gift Cards. For example: a giveaway with an Amazon Gift as a prize will only accept people from places where the gift card can be redeemed; it is assumed that the participant has an Amazon account to redeem the prize.

Third-party Giveaways. Giveaways that are hosted by third parties (example: an author for a tour, etc.) will abide by the terms and conditions delineated by the third party in question. The prizes of those giveaways will be redeemed with the third party host.
  • Terms & Conditions
    • To Enter
      • Participants must be 18 years or older to participate. Journey with Words reserves the right to eliminate entries from underage participants. Because there is no certain way to know if participants are under the age of 18, by entering any of the giveaways or contests the participant acknowledges and confirms that he or she is 18 years or older.
    • No purchase necessary. 
    • Void where prohibited by law. 
    • Journey with Words reserves the right to end, extend, or cancel a Giveaway or event without previous notice. 
    • Giveaways/Contests winner will be contacted via email and given 48 hours (2 complete days) –from the moment the confirmation email is sent– to claim the prize. 
    • If 48 hours (2 complete days) –from the moment the confirmation email is sent– go by without any response from the elected winner, another winner will be chosen instead.
    • Giveaway winners will be selected using a randomizing tool such as Rafflecopter, Randomizer.org, or Random.org; depending on the giveaway. 
    • The time frame for each giveaway will be specified on the giveaway’s individual post.
    • Giveaways will be open internationally, except when otherwise specified. 
    • Participant’s must do the required parameters of every giveaway; additional or optional entries must be preceded by the required entries, otherwise their entries will be eliminated. 
      • Example: if a giveaway asks that all participants must leave a comment on the giveaway post, those who do not do it, but still go ahead and complete the rest of the optional entries will be disqualify from the giveaway.
    • Journey with Words reserves the right to disqualify any participant. 
    • Journey with Words is not responsible for any damaged prizes that were delivered through mail, or any other circumstance that is beyond our control. Nor will we be responsible for third-party prizes delivery. 
    • If a winner does not receives the prize after a reasonable amount of time (6-8 weeks), he or she must contact the third-party involved in the giveaway. Journey with Words can try to contact the third-party on behalf of the winner; however, we do not promise resolution. 

Privacy Policy

Basic information required for Giveaway prizes include name and email if the prize is electronic (Example: Gift Card, Ebook) and full name, email and physical address if the prize is a hard copy of a particular book or a product. Your personal information will not be shared with anybody, with the exception of the third-party hosting the giveaway. When a third party is the main host of the giveaway it will be noted on the giveaway’s main post.

Policy Alteration

Journey with Words reserves the right to alter its Policy if necessary and without previous notice from the management. Although not likely to occur often or in grand scale, Followers and Visitors are encouraged to come back to this page from time to time to stay up-to-date with possible changes.


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