Thursday, February 16, 2012

Won the Lovely Blog Award!!

Wow, I just found out that my blog has won the Lovely Blog Award!! My most sincere thanks goes to Aia Marsh from Books With Marshmallows for dropping by and nominating me in this category ~.^

The following awards were created with the purpose of not only recognizing really cool, outstanding blogs, but also is a way to check out other blogs in the community. Each award comes with a set of rules to follow, which includes me choosing which blogs I think deserve these awards.

For those of you who I have picked, please follow the instructions below to pass along these awards to other bloggers you think have great blogs. :)

The award received by Journey with Words is....

So the rules are:
1. Link back to the person that bestowed the award upon you.
2. Follow the person that bestowed the award upon you.
3. Pass along to 15 Lovely Bloggers!

My 15 winners are... (In no particular order):
  1. Kayla from Kayla's Book Reviews
  2. Wendy Darling from The Midnight Garden
  3. Sarah from I'm Loving Books
  4. Books and Beyond from Books and Beyond
  5. ClaireLuoise from Claire Reads
  6. Mariska from Mariska's Books & Reviews
  7. Tt from Never Ending Stories.....
  8. Soumi from Pages From My Thoughts
  9. Pen to Paper from Pen to Paper
  10. Anna from Read Between The Lines
  11. Smexy Books from Smexy Books
  12. Annabelle from Sparkles and Lightning
  13. The Sisterhood from The YA Sisterhood
  14. Donnie from Donniedarkogirl
  15. Tabitha from Tabitha's Book Blog

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  1. Thank you :)
    I think your blog is quite lovely too.
    I love your little red & pink love owl. He is too cute!
    TY for stoppin by.
    I def followed u back & will be back to say hi.

  2. Hi, darling! Thank you so much! I adore your blog :) That pink owl? So adorable! I'm now a follower, and I'll be sure to check back!

  3. Thank you very much for the award. :) I added it to my awards page ( I don't do the awards posts though, but thank you so much! :)

    And cute blog btw, I love the pink owl! :)

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate this award. I'm a new follower!

  5. Thank You Girls!!! Is great to have you as followers; I follow all your blogs as well, which is how I know they are pretty lovely ~.^

    That Pink Owl!! I agree, is the cutest thing ever!! When I was looking for something to add to the blog to celebrate LOVE all month long I was undecided between the Owl and Raining Hearts. I'm glad I went with the Owl, it's been a Hit!! The only downside is that it "freezes" anything that happens to be underneath it (it's a bit tricky).

  6. Thank you so Much for the Lovely Blog Award

  7. Thank you very much Mel. I am very happy with this blog award. :D


  8. Thank you for awarding my blog! I'm honored! :D


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