Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Look and Button

First off, sorry everyone for the slow week it has been here in the blog. I've been spending most of my free time trying to figure out how to add some cool features to the blog and since I not only write it, but also manage it in every possible way sometimes reviews get a little sidetracked by other changes or problems. Speaking of…

It’s raining Clovers!! Yes, we are going from one saint to another. We took off the red, white and pink that characterizes the month of Saint Valentine and are now dressing (still in progress) accordingly to celebrate Saint Patrick and his Irish kin. We have a new background and a new animation; a new header is on the works, as well as a few other extras, stick around to see them as they are added.

Now, I did mentioned some new features right? Well, most of them are small tweaks and changes in the blog. The major changes are the layout, the look and the spanking new grab button. The look of the blog is explained above (we are going with a Saint Patricks Day theme for the time being).

The Layout:

I noticed that, every time I enter the blog’s page my eyesight kept going to the right side of the screen which in most occasions ended with me completely ignoring the left side. I assume that if this is happening to me (and I know where everything is), is also happening to you my amazing readers. To fix this problem I have switched the layout towards the right; now you’ll see the reviews on the left (and major part of the blog) and everything else distributed between one or two columns on the right. Aside from re-arranging the columns, I have managed to create my first Blog Button’s Slide Show; is a work in progress, more blogs might be added, or a second slideshow created. Added a space for upcoming giveaways and other related matters; so far only one giveaway is available and will happen during May. Move the Top Post widget to the side (it originally was underneath the main posts); now the Top 5 Posts of the week will be displayed. Recently added some banners of my all-time favorite series, more might soon be added.

Social Networking:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Title: Hounded
Series: Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 1
Author: Kevin Hearne
Publisher: Del Rey
Publication Date: May 3, 2011
Reviewed Format: ePub
My Rating: ★★★★★

To be honest, I picked this book because of its cover. I thought I had found a book that I had seen in Goodreads some months ago but I couldn’t be more wrong.

Let’s start by clarifying, this book is not the one I originally thought, this is an Urban Fantasy novel (I was expecting a Paranormal Romance) about the last druid on earth and his battle to protect our planet from the destructive forces of evil.

When I started reading it and realized that it wasn’t the right book and I had no idea what to expect off of it, I hadn’t research it before hand and it sure wasn’t following the plot I had pictured. However, I cannot be more pleased that I made this mistake. For it allowed me to discover a fantastic action/adventure story, and an UF nonetheless; I had missed those recently.

Atticus O’Sullivan is the last druid alive, he is a 21-year-old Irish man (a 21-centuries-year-old that is) living in hiding from the rest of the magical community, calling a small town of Arizona home. His life is rather simple, he owns an occult shop near the University campus selling everything from tarot cards to medicinal teas to the town’s people, he trims the garden of an old lady near his house and has the occasional spat with a neighbor. He also had man’s best friend by his side; a beautiful Irish wolfhound named Oberon that, hands down, is my favorite character in the entire book. You see, Oberon can talk to Atticus through a mind connection; by far the funniest lines in the book are always spoken by Oberon. I enjoyed this book a lot, is one of those reads that you can sit back and finish it in a day or two while just loosing yourself in the story and forget your problems; after all Atticus has enough to go around. The book is action packed, and beautifully written. My favorite part of the book is its intrinsic connection with nature and the role it plays in the healing of both the body and the mind.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Reviewing Update

Hello There my beautiful followers and lurkers. Lately, there seems to be that I have only been able to post one review every week and a half or so, sometimes more. Is not that I've forgotten about the blog, is just that college has kept me rather busy lately. So in the spirit of hoping (to get some free time) I'm giving you an update of the reviews that will be coming this way:

In the short run:

Books I've finished recently:
Movies I've recently watch:
In the long run (and i mean year long):

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Won the Lovely Blog Award!!

Wow, I just found out that my blog has won the Lovely Blog Award!! My most sincere thanks goes to Aia Marsh from Books With Marshmallows for dropping by and nominating me in this category ~.^

The following awards were created with the purpose of not only recognizing really cool, outstanding blogs, but also is a way to check out other blogs in the community. Each award comes with a set of rules to follow, which includes me choosing which blogs I think deserve these awards.

For those of you who I have picked, please follow the instructions below to pass along these awards to other bloggers you think have great blogs. :)

The award received by Journey with Words is....

So the rules are:
1. Link back to the person that bestowed the award upon you.
2. Follow the person that bestowed the award upon you.
3. Pass along to 15 Lovely Bloggers!

My 15 winners are... (In no particular order):

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all my followers and lurkers (~.^)

I know is a bit late considering the time, but nonetheless i wanted to wish you the best in this day of read hearts and flowers.

Although, traditionally, one either buys or gets gifts to/from that special someone in our lives, lets remember this: Valentine's Day, in its simplest of forms, is a celebration of eternal love; whether is romantic love or innocent love let that someone know that they are that special to you.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Title: Darkfever 
Series: The Fever Series, Book 1
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: October 31, 2006
Reviewed Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Bought
My Rating: ★★★★☆
Get it @: Amazon | Book Depository

Book Description:

MacKayla (Mac) Lane’s life is pretty ordinary; she bartenders to a local bar in her home town in Georgia while living with her parents, takes a few courses in the community college and sunbathes by the pool at any opportunity she has. But sometimes destiny has other plans for us in wait. After receiving a call that shattered her life she packs a bag and travels to Dublin, Ireland in the hopes of discovering her sister’s murderer. Without friends and family, in a completely unknown country, and with a cryptic voicemail as her only clue to what might had happened to her sister Mac will come face to face with a world she never dream would exist. Without knowing who to trust or turn to, with more enemies that she can account for, and playing a set of rule that she doesn’t quite comprehend Mac must decide whether her thirst for revenge is worth temping destiny.

Some friends recommended this book, and I am kicking myself for had started it sooner. I love the characters and the setting of the story. Love the description of the life in Dublin, that vibe that gives the book drops of realism.

As the heroine of the story, Mac was pleasantly unexpected. Her whining through the story is completely justifiable, yet it didn’t felt annoying like it could have easily turned into. She has many strengths but is not an almighty type of character. Let’s face it, when she screws up she does it royally; but for a character that gets thrown – head first – into a new world with a new set of rules she learns from her mistakes quickly and does her best never to repeat them.

Opposite Mac we have Jericho Barrons, a smoking hot mysterious guy who I can't truly say that he is either a good guy or a bad guy; if Moning wanted to keep her readers confused with where Barrons stands, let me tell you, mission accomplished. Telling you anything about Barron will, unfortunately, give away to many plot points so I’ll leave him like the mysterious guy he is.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: The One Worth Finding

Title: The One Worth Finding
Author: Teresa Silberstern
Publisher: Teresa Silberstern
Publication Date: January 19, 2012
Reviewed Format: Kindle Edition
My Rating: ★★★★★ 

Let me start by saying that BDSM is not my kind of erotica; I got prove of that while reading this book. I consider myself to be extremely open minded about everything; life is too short to place unnecessary limits on it and should be enjoyed always. In books, the only restrictions I believe in age restrictions and that is only to keep their innocence as long as possible, not to censure their reading. Other than that I say bring it! I bought this book because it was recommended, and even though I was a little skeptical about the concept when I started it, I was sucked in by the story so amazingly that I’m glad I gave it a chance.

I'm not going to discuss or compare the actual BDSM scenes because is a subject I, honestly, know nothing about and I don't think is fair to the story or the author. I do want elaborate on what made this book a page turner for me which is the characters and their story.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Perfect Blood Excerpt, Chapter 5

Guess what Hollows fans, this week HarperCollins decided to release the final chapter of The Hollows excerpt experience they’ve been doing, no wallpaper teasers today, oh no just the final excerpt.

You can enjoy it by following the link below

A Perfect Blood Excerpt – Chapter 5

You can catch up with the rest of the chapters here:

A Perfect Blood Excerpt – Chapter 1
A Perfect Blood Excerpt – Chapter 2
A Perfect Blood Excerpt – Chapter 3
A Perfect Blood Excerpt – Chapter 4

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lover Reborn Teaser Quotes

Any fans of J.R. Ward around here? The Warden has given us (her cellies) two teasers from the upcoming Lover Reborn. Apparently she had made a bet that if the Patriots lost the Super Bowl two quotes would be made available through her facebook page.

For my review on Lover Reborn follow this link.

Here are the quotes, which you can also find in her facebook.

The first quote is between Xcor and Tohr:
‎"I know why you're here, Xcor."
"Do you. Mind reader?"
"You're going to get yourself killed."
"Indeed. Or mayhap it shall be the other way around."
Tohrment shook his head slowly. "Consider this a friendly warning. Go back where you came from before what you set in motion rolls you right into an early grave."
"I like where I am. The air is bracing on this side of the ocean. How's your shellan, by the way."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 23
The second quote is between Blay and Qhuinn:
‎"So you've taken out your piercings," Blay said.
"Not all of them."
"Why? I mean... they were always, like, you, you know?"
"Guess I don't want to be defined that way anymore."
As Blay's brows popped, Qhuinn's kind of wanted to do the same. He'd expected something else to come out of his piehole. Something like, "Meh." Or, "Whatever." Or, "I still got 'em where it counts, don't you worry."
After which he could honk his package, and snort like he had balls the size of his head.
No wonder Saxton seemed attractive.
-Lover Reborn, pg. 140-141
UPDATE: From today, March 12, 2012, onwards the Warden will be giving us a new quote from Lover Reborn every day; you can find them on her Facebook. Here I'll re-post the Quotes for your personal enjoyment:

Monday (March 12, 2012)
"Good. Come on, son." Tohr shoved John in the direction of the SUV, prepared to pick him up by the short hairs if he had to. "Time to hve a little ride."
Man, John was so pissed off, you could have fried an egg on his forehead. 
Tough. Sh*t. Tohr whipped open the passenger-side door and packed the fighter into the front seat like he would have an overnight duffel, or a set of golf clubs, or maybe a bag of groceries.
"Can you do the seat belt youself like a big boy- or should I work it for you?"
-Lover Reborn, pg. 37
Tuesday (March 13,2012)
Sh*t, their ammo wasn't going to last long.
Tohr cursed the lack of options, as well as the fact that he'd gotten no reply fromt the Brotherhood-
"We got this," Qhuinn said, not turning away from the door. "But we need the other Brothers here before you try to leave."
"I've already alerted them," Tohr muttered. "They're on the way."
At least, he hoped they were...
-Lover Reborn, pg. 323
Wednesday (March 14, 2012)
(This is for Barbara who's feeling blue... *hugs*)
As everything went dark, Vishous dematerialized on top of the guy, taking him down and grinding his face into the tile. "I'm going to kill you now-"
"No," Wrath ordered. "Not until we know what's going on."
In the shadows, V grit his teeth and glared at the king. But at least he didn't hit the trigger. Instead, he put his mouth to their host's ear and growled, "You better think twice before you go for any exits again."
"Then do it yourself." This came out as, "Vhen do ith y'selth."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 323
Thursday (March 15, 2012)
Such a beauty was she, he thought. A sunrise that lived and breathed... a miracle.
And she was not alone, as was appropraite for a gem such as herself. By her side, Phury, son of Ahgony, was a wall of protection, his face screwed down so tight, it appeared as if mayhap she was his? He even had a black dagger in his hand- although it was discreetly held by his thight, undoubtedly so the female did not see it and grow alarmed.
"I'll leave you to ths," Wrath said. "but if I were you, I'd watch yourself. My boys here, they're a little twitchy."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 210
Friday (March 16, 2012)
"I do not want to go," she said roughly.
His face squeezed up tight, another curse breaching his lips. "You stay and you're going to have a hell of a show."
"So... show me."
That got his attention, his eyes snapping back to hers, his bodyfreezing. As he blinked, he did not otherwise move.
In a harsh tone, he blurted, "I'm going to make myself ****. Do you know what that means?..."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 220-221
Saturday (March 17,2012)
"As Blay removed his Burberry coat, his silk button-down pulled wide and showed off a bite mark on his neck. And on his collarbone.God only knew where else he had them...Abruptly, Saxton said something that made Blay blush, and the slightly shy, reserved laugh that followed made Qhuinn want to throw the f**k up.
Great, so the slut was a comedian, and Blay liked his jokes.
-Lover Reborn, pg. 140 
Sunday (March 18, 2012)
"Why couldn't his memories bring her back? They felt strong enough, powerful enough, a summoning spell that should have had her magically reinflating the gown.
Except she was alive only in his mind. Ever with him, always out of reach.
That's what death was, he realized. The great fictionalizer.
-Lover Reborn, pg. 53"
Monday (March 19, 2012) - [Video from The Warden]
"As Xcor stepped out, he had an autoloader of his own, and it was not without satisfaction that he watched the other male recoil slightly as recognition dawned.
"Did you expect a Brother, mayhap?" Xcor drawled.
Assail did not lower his muzzle. "My business is my own. You have no right to shadow me."
"My business is whatever I determine it to be."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 193"
Tuesday (March 20, 2012) - [Video from The Warden]
"How we doing back there?"
Tohr yelled out the question as he forced the van into yet another curve in the road. The POS cornered like it was on a coffee table with bad legs, rocking to and fro until even he felt a little nauseous.
Wrath, meanwhile, was playing marble-in-a-jar in the back, the king rolling around and flailing his arms to catch himself.
"Any chance-" Wrath lurched in the other direction and coughed some more. "You can slow... this bus down?"
Tohr looked in the rearview mirror. He'd kept the partition open so he could keep an eye on the king, and in the glow from the dashboard, Wrath was white as a sheet. Except for where the blood stained the skin of his throat. That was red as a cherry.
"No slowing down- sorry."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 332
Wednesday (March 21, 2012)
There was no quote today, but there was a video from the Warden.
Thursday (March 22, 2012)
So far, no quote today either! However there is another video from the Warden.
Friday (March 23, 2012)
Two videos today: A blooper, and the actual video.
Saturday (March 24, 2012)
And another video  
 I swear, this is pure torture!

Lost Girl

Title: Lost Girl
Genre(s): Supernatural Drama, Mystery, Crime
Runtime: 45 minutes
Rating: TV-MA, D, L, S, V (for mature audiences)
Channel: Showcase, SyFy
Directors: John Fawcett, David Winning
Writer: Michelle Lovretta
Cast: Anna Silk, Kristen Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins
Country: Canada
Language: English
Seasons: 2 (so far at the time of posting)
Total of Episodes: 28 (aired so far at the time of posting)
Official Website:
My rating: ★★★★★

I have a new TV obsession and it’s called Lost Girl; a Canadian show that has a great spark, is really funny and has loads of action.

I mean, what’s not to like; sexy succubus heroine, smoking hot fae men, a hilarious sidekick that keeps reminding me of my sister…toppled with fantasy-adventure, sprinkled with crime fighting served with a side dish of kick ass action. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is what you can get if you watch Lost Girl, the new hit TV series by SyFy.

The series is originally produce by Showcase and began airing in Canada in September, 2010 with the pilot episode beginning airing in the USA this past January, 2012 through the SyFy channel.

The main character is Bo, who has been on the run most of her life; ever since, as a teenager, she discovered that her love can kill. Her problem is that when she gets hungry, the unfortunate person that happens to be the object of her lust winds up dead. At least they go out with a smile on their faces. See, Bo’s lust drains the person of their life force, if too much is drained the person dies (full of lust and apparently happy, but dead nonetheless). She finally discovers what she is and why she kills, but now that she knows about the existence of a whole new race (the Fae) that predates humanity she must learn to survive in both the human world as well as the highly political Fae world.

The Fae is the race that every creature belongs to, be it werewolves, vampires, banshees, trolls, succubi, sirens, or any others. The Fae is divided into two clans the Light Fae and the Dark Fae (the “good” and the “bad”). Every single Fae is born into either clan, and when they reach maturity a ceremony is celebrated in which they must choose a side. Nowadays the celebration is more of a sort of sweet sixteen or bar mitzvah; originally it involved a series of challenges to test both the will and the strength of the individual. Bo is the only Fae ever raised by humans and as such she has no clan and no affiliation. As a free agent she is the only one that can come and go between both Light and Dark territories, unfortunately that leaves her completely unprotected and basically free game for whoever wants to attack her; such is the life of the only free agent.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Take Me

Title: Take Me
Series: Naughty Nooners
Author: Grace Samuels
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Publication Date: March 16, 2009
Reviewed Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Free Download
My Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This ebook is (or was) free on Amazon; honestly i bought it out of boredom and no idea of what to read. I am beyond surprise at the story. I love it, so sweet and tender, yet incredibly hot and steamy.

Is a short story, about 10, maybe 15 pages long (i am never sure on the kindle). I truly enjoyed this one.

View all my reviews

A Perfect Blood – No Excerpt Today

So week number 5 comes along in HarperVoyager’s The Hollows preview thing they’ve been doing and we are expecting the fifth and final excerpt (chapter 5) from A Perfect Blood; instead we get a wallpaper as a special treat.

Here’s the link to the wallpaper

Now tell me, what do you think? Do you dig the wallpaper or do you feel cheated out of the last excerpt?


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