Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Look and Button

First off, sorry everyone for the slow week it has been here in the blog. I've been spending most of my free time trying to figure out how to add some cool features to the blog and since I not only write it, but also manage it in every possible way sometimes reviews get a little sidetracked by other changes or problems. Speaking of…

It’s raining Clovers!! Yes, we are going from one saint to another. We took off the red, white and pink that characterizes the month of Saint Valentine and are now dressing (still in progress) accordingly to celebrate Saint Patrick and his Irish kin. We have a new background and a new animation; a new header is on the works, as well as a few other extras, stick around to see them as they are added.

Now, I did mentioned some new features right? Well, most of them are small tweaks and changes in the blog. The major changes are the layout, the look and the spanking new grab button. The look of the blog is explained above (we are going with a Saint Patricks Day theme for the time being).

The Layout:

I noticed that, every time I enter the blog’s page my eyesight kept going to the right side of the screen which in most occasions ended with me completely ignoring the left side. I assume that if this is happening to me (and I know where everything is), is also happening to you my amazing readers. To fix this problem I have switched the layout towards the right; now you’ll see the reviews on the left (and major part of the blog) and everything else distributed between one or two columns on the right. Aside from re-arranging the columns, I have managed to create my first Blog Button’s Slide Show; is a work in progress, more blogs might be added, or a second slideshow created. Added a space for upcoming giveaways and other related matters; so far only one giveaway is available and will happen during May. Move the Top Post widget to the side (it originally was underneath the main posts); now the Top 5 Posts of the week will be displayed. Recently added some banners of my all-time favorite series, more might soon be added.

Social Networking:
The twitter button was originally available, now I added the link to my Goodreads profile; other sites are coming soon. Among them my YouTube Channel and a direct link to the blog’s facebook page should you wish to visit it. Plus the link to my new Pinterest account.

Now for the main dish..

Journey with Words has finally and officially a Grab Button!! Long story short, I’ve been meaning to design one but hadn’t due to not knowing how to create the actual code. My most sincere Thanks to Tana from Tana’s Books and Reviews and Making Connections for the tips necessary to make the button happen. Also, The Cutest Blog on the Block for tips and advice on how to customize my blog. The image is the one on top and here is the actual grab button:

My drawing skills are extremely limited by my inexperience in the field, so sorry if I couldn’t make it look more badass, but considering I made it from scratch (and I mean, just sit down and start drawing lines to see what happens) I’m proud of it; hope you all like it as much as I do ^.^
Journey with Words

Now it’s time to go back to my readings, I finally started Shadowfever after the horrible cliffhanger left by its predecessor Dreamfever. Need my Barrons fix and bad ~.^ Reviews of the previous books are still to come.. After this batch will come A Perfect Blood.

Do you like the changes? Sound of your opinions in the comments section below!

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