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Lover Reborn Teaser Quotes

Any fans of J.R. Ward around here? The Warden has given us (her cellies) two teasers from the upcoming Lover Reborn. Apparently she had made a bet that if the Patriots lost the Super Bowl two quotes would be made available through her facebook page.

For my review on Lover Reborn follow this link.

Here are the quotes, which you can also find in her facebook.

The first quote is between Xcor and Tohr:
‎"I know why you're here, Xcor."
"Do you. Mind reader?"
"You're going to get yourself killed."
"Indeed. Or mayhap it shall be the other way around."
Tohrment shook his head slowly. "Consider this a friendly warning. Go back where you came from before what you set in motion rolls you right into an early grave."
"I like where I am. The air is bracing on this side of the ocean. How's your shellan, by the way."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 23
The second quote is between Blay and Qhuinn:
‎"So you've taken out your piercings," Blay said.
"Not all of them."
"Why? I mean... they were always, like, you, you know?"
"Guess I don't want to be defined that way anymore."
As Blay's brows popped, Qhuinn's kind of wanted to do the same. He'd expected something else to come out of his piehole. Something like, "Meh." Or, "Whatever." Or, "I still got 'em where it counts, don't you worry."
After which he could honk his package, and snort like he had balls the size of his head.
No wonder Saxton seemed attractive.
-Lover Reborn, pg. 140-141
UPDATE: From today, March 12, 2012, onwards the Warden will be giving us a new quote from Lover Reborn every day; you can find them on her Facebook. Here I'll re-post the Quotes for your personal enjoyment:

Monday (March 12, 2012)
"Good. Come on, son." Tohr shoved John in the direction of the SUV, prepared to pick him up by the short hairs if he had to. "Time to hve a little ride."
Man, John was so pissed off, you could have fried an egg on his forehead. 
Tough. Sh*t. Tohr whipped open the passenger-side door and packed the fighter into the front seat like he would have an overnight duffel, or a set of golf clubs, or maybe a bag of groceries.
"Can you do the seat belt youself like a big boy- or should I work it for you?"
-Lover Reborn, pg. 37
Tuesday (March 13,2012)
Sh*t, their ammo wasn't going to last long.
Tohr cursed the lack of options, as well as the fact that he'd gotten no reply fromt the Brotherhood-
"We got this," Qhuinn said, not turning away from the door. "But we need the other Brothers here before you try to leave."
"I've already alerted them," Tohr muttered. "They're on the way."
At least, he hoped they were...
-Lover Reborn, pg. 323
Wednesday (March 14, 2012)
(This is for Barbara who's feeling blue... *hugs*)
As everything went dark, Vishous dematerialized on top of the guy, taking him down and grinding his face into the tile. "I'm going to kill you now-"
"No," Wrath ordered. "Not until we know what's going on."
In the shadows, V grit his teeth and glared at the king. But at least he didn't hit the trigger. Instead, he put his mouth to their host's ear and growled, "You better think twice before you go for any exits again."
"Then do it yourself." This came out as, "Vhen do ith y'selth."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 323
Thursday (March 15, 2012)
Such a beauty was she, he thought. A sunrise that lived and breathed... a miracle.
And she was not alone, as was appropraite for a gem such as herself. By her side, Phury, son of Ahgony, was a wall of protection, his face screwed down so tight, it appeared as if mayhap she was his? He even had a black dagger in his hand- although it was discreetly held by his thight, undoubtedly so the female did not see it and grow alarmed.
"I'll leave you to ths," Wrath said. "but if I were you, I'd watch yourself. My boys here, they're a little twitchy."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 210
Friday (March 16, 2012)
"I do not want to go," she said roughly.
His face squeezed up tight, another curse breaching his lips. "You stay and you're going to have a hell of a show."
"So... show me."
That got his attention, his eyes snapping back to hers, his bodyfreezing. As he blinked, he did not otherwise move.
In a harsh tone, he blurted, "I'm going to make myself ****. Do you know what that means?..."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 220-221
Saturday (March 17,2012)
"As Blay removed his Burberry coat, his silk button-down pulled wide and showed off a bite mark on his neck. And on his collarbone.God only knew where else he had them...Abruptly, Saxton said something that made Blay blush, and the slightly shy, reserved laugh that followed made Qhuinn want to throw the f**k up.
Great, so the slut was a comedian, and Blay liked his jokes.
-Lover Reborn, pg. 140 
Sunday (March 18, 2012)
"Why couldn't his memories bring her back? They felt strong enough, powerful enough, a summoning spell that should have had her magically reinflating the gown.
Except she was alive only in his mind. Ever with him, always out of reach.
That's what death was, he realized. The great fictionalizer.
-Lover Reborn, pg. 53"
Monday (March 19, 2012) - [Video from The Warden]
"As Xcor stepped out, he had an autoloader of his own, and it was not without satisfaction that he watched the other male recoil slightly as recognition dawned.
"Did you expect a Brother, mayhap?" Xcor drawled.
Assail did not lower his muzzle. "My business is my own. You have no right to shadow me."
"My business is whatever I determine it to be."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 193"
Tuesday (March 20, 2012) - [Video from The Warden]
"How we doing back there?"
Tohr yelled out the question as he forced the van into yet another curve in the road. The POS cornered like it was on a coffee table with bad legs, rocking to and fro until even he felt a little nauseous.
Wrath, meanwhile, was playing marble-in-a-jar in the back, the king rolling around and flailing his arms to catch himself.
"Any chance-" Wrath lurched in the other direction and coughed some more. "You can slow... this bus down?"
Tohr looked in the rearview mirror. He'd kept the partition open so he could keep an eye on the king, and in the glow from the dashboard, Wrath was white as a sheet. Except for where the blood stained the skin of his throat. That was red as a cherry.
"No slowing down- sorry."
-Lover Reborn, pg. 332
Wednesday (March 21, 2012)
There was no quote today, but there was a video from the Warden.
Thursday (March 22, 2012)
So far, no quote today either! However there is another video from the Warden.
Friday (March 23, 2012)
Two videos today: A blooper, and the actual video.
Saturday (March 24, 2012)
And another video  
 I swear, this is pure torture!

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  1. Hey Mel!

    I absolutely LOVE J.R. Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! I anxiously await Lover Reborn! and OMG do I love Qhuinn and Blay! *drools* I pray they get their own book! I know we may only get it in ebook format, but I'd take that over nothing at all!

    Anyway, thanks for the post, Mel! You are awesome!

    Mia at The Muses Circle

    1. I love BDB as well, there are rumors about Qhinn's and Blay's story; supposedly it will be a novella instead of the main story arch of the novels. However the Warden chooses to publish it i will be in line to get it ~.^ IMO its overdue.

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    1. Well, as long as I am credited for my articles and you linked back to them as the original source I have no problem.


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