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Facebook Pages and Recent Changes

Are you following Journey with Words on Facebook? If you are, are you getting all the posts on your News Feed? I know I don’t post every single day, but you might not be getting even the ones I do post. Why? Because it seems that Facebook is changing its engine to force us to pay to push our feed unto yours.

Facebook’s new feature only shows the Page content on the feeds of those who have had more interaction with any given page. If you like to see the content but don’t comment or “like” many or any of the links and messages, you will not receive the updates on your News Feed.

But, like everything in life, there seems to be a workaround to this new “feature;” two actually. Thanks go to Cinda Baxter from Always Upward: The Blog for noticing this issue and more importantly, for letting us all know about it and how to fix it. I read about these workarounds on her blog first; I’m only re-posting it so that you, my followers, are aware. All credit goes to her (included on the credit section below).

So what can you do if you’d like to see our updates in your News Feed? Click on the links to reach their respective section:
So, here is how: (Psst, This can be applied to as many Pages as you “Like”)

Show in News Feed:
  1. First you need to be logged into Facebook
  2. Then, head over to Journey with Word’s Facebook Page (
  3. Now, hover the mouse pointer over the “Like” Button, if you wait a few seconds a drop-down list will appear.
  4. In this new, drop-down menu, a link called Show in News Feed will appear (second from the bottom up). Click on it to ensure that you get the updates on your feed. Once ticked, the text should be bold and a check mark will appear to its left.
click to enlarge

...and that’s it for Workaround #1

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Create a Fan List

You can also create a Fan List (and add all the content that you like) to keep all the updates within one, easy to reach place.

1. First you need logged-in to Facebook.

2. Once on your Home, search for the Interests mini-header on your left sidebar (found near the end of the left sidebar). Hover over the header and click on Add Interests.
click to enlarge
3. This will open a new window. In this window click on the +Create List button at the top right.
click to enlarge
4. This will open a pop-up window with all the people and pages you follow. Click on all the pages/friends that you like to include or use the search function to type the names individually. Click on the Page’s icon to add it to the list.
click to enlarge
5. Click on next once you are done selecting all the content.
click to enlarge
6. Choose a name for the list and its privacy settings and click DONE. And you are almost done.
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7. To find the list, just go back to your Home, and search for the Interests section again. Your list will appear under it. Click on it to find all the latest updates to your favorite pages.
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8. Remember that you can delete the list whenever you want. Just click on the List to open it, look for the Manage List button at the top right and click on the small arrow on its right. There you can rename the list, update it, delete it, or modify its settings.
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9. Deleting the list won’t delete the individual pages from your blog. Nor it can be undone once deleted; but you can always create a new one.

...and that's it! For now anyways...

Facebook Pages Logo was found through a basic Google Images search.

The workarounds and the information about them comes from Cinda Baxter's Always Upward: The Blog. The information used to create this post can be found at:
The various Screen Shots used in this tutorial were taken and edited by me. 

Note: If you want to use this tutorial for your own blog, including some or all of the images, you are welcome to do so as long as the appropriate credits are given to all respective individuals. 

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