Monday, April 2, 2012

Polls During April

Hello my followers and lurkers!

For a while now I've been considering adding a newsletter to my blog. Something simple that maybe runs on a monthly basis, or when necessary (like when I make changes to the blog or such).

But before I embark on making a newsletter I will love to have your opinions on the matter. So, during the month of April I will be running two polls on the matter. You can find them both on the sidebar.

UPDATE: This poll has been replaced. The poll remains but the images are different.

The first poll (the one on the top of the image on the right) is on whether or not you'll join the newsletter if the option were to be available. Would you? Would you not? Any other thoughts on the matter?
The second poll is on the frequency of the newsletter, should it be implemented. Would you prefer it to be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or other? 

Notice that both polls have the 'other' option accompanied by a write-in field. If neither of the options satisfy you you can, well, write-in you own answer. 

Both polls also offer the chance to leave a comment on the poll's page. Or, alternately, you can leave your comments on this post.

I'll be running both polls during the April; depending on the reaction from you, my followers and lurkers, I'll may extend it into May.

I value your opinions, so please, drop by and vote!

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