Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ICED Teaser Quotes

So far (or rather, as far as I know) Karen Marie Moning has given us three teaser quotes from her next novel ICED, a continuation of the Fever Series from Dani’s POV. Today, she gave us a short (fourth) quote. So I decided to dedicate a post to the torturing times that are sure to come with a series of quotes; October can’t get here soon enough!

I’ll be reposting the first three quotes plus today’s quote and any future one as well, so stay tune…

For some Into the Dreaming Teaser follow this link.

First ICED Teaser
Four nights he’s come to me, murmuring my name, making it an exquisite melody with which not even the divine orchestral choir of all the angels in heaven could compete.  He chimes my name in the language of the Unseelie and it makes my ears ring until my mind is emptied of all thought, until my eyes are incapable of beholding any vision other than him. He is so beautiful that merely looking at him makes me weep and when I brush tears from my cheeks, my hands come away stained red with blood. He wakes me but doesn’t wake me. He takes me to a place that is so perfect and serene and free of worry that I want to stay there forever. My name is Cruce, he says. Not V’lane. I was so weary of wearing his golden shining face. He was never half the Fae I am. I have you in the Dreaming, is it not beautiful? Do you not feel divine here with me? You need not fear me. I am not what I seem.
 I’m in danger.
Second ICED Teaser
Keeping this one short and sweet as I'm heading up to MegaCon this morning!  Have I told you guys lately how much I love writing ICED?  Dani is hands-down the most unpredictable character I've ever written. There's a undiluted, bouyant joy in telling her story. No rules apply.  I just follow her flamboyant heart and watch all hell break loose. My goal is to make you forget about wanting more of Mac & Barrons by the time you finish reading ICED because you can't wait for more of Dani. I bet you think I can't.  He isn't what he's pretending to be with her. I watch him all the time. I'm going to be there when he stops pretending.  I'm going to be her bulletproof vest, her shield, her fallen fucking angel, whether she wants one or not. He's pretending he's almost human. He's no more human than me. ..

Third ICED Teaser
“You’re not responsible for the world just because you’re more capable.” “Course I am.  That’s what more capable folks do.” “You could ask me to teach you.” “Huh?” This night is getting weird in a hurry. “Teach me like you’re teaching a class or something? What are you going to call it: You-too-can-be-a sociopath-101?” “It would be more like a graduate level class.” I start to snicker. His sense of humor sneaks up on you. Then I remember who’s talking and bite it off. “You want to be faster, stronger, smarter. Ask me to teach you.” “I ain’t asking you for nothing. And you might be faster and stronger. For now. No way you’re smarter.” “Your choice. But turn around because you’re not leaving. It’s night, and you know what that means.” “Like, it’s dark?” “You’re with me until dawn.” “Why dawn? You a vamp or a zombie or something that can’t stand the light?” He freeze-frames away, moves in on the scene. “I like sex for breakfast, kid. I eat early and often.”
Today’s Quote (April 17, 2012)
From ICED, a very short one since I'm doing ITD, too. (Explicit language.) 
"That, down there“—he points beyond the glass—“is a bump in the road, a test of temptation and fidelity. If he loves you, he will pass it with flying colors. Cruce is a test of your fucking soul.”

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