Saturday, March 31, 2012

Books in News #1

A wrap-up of recent events, announcements, releases, or other news circulating the web.

Hello my dear followers and lurkers, how's everyone doing lately? I’ve been busy with college, work and the release of Lover Reborn ^.^ Had to read it. So naturally, I missed a couple of news that have been doing the rounds this past week.

As a consequence, I have decided to start my very own meme. A specific post that will cover the latest news in book related matters. So far I'll be doing it for myself, but if other bloggers are interested in joining in let me know in the comments below and I'll make a grab box for it and post intructions ^.^

Now, to the matter of the post itself, the news.

Are you a fan of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James? If so, you may be pleased (or outraged, depending on your stance) to know that Fifty Shades of Gray is heading to the big screen. On Monday, March 26, 2012 it was announced that Universal Studios will be the one in charge of bringing this BDSM story to Hollywood thanks to a rumored whooping $5 million. I haven’t read the books yet, but I have read a lot of rave reviews and there are plenty of friends who recommend the series so I plan to give it a try at some point down the road. The question remains; will you see the movie?

Tuesday (March 27, 2012) saw the release of Lover Reborn and if the buzz around blogs and groups is any indication, fans of the WARDen flew to bookstores all over to get their hands on a copy. For my part I was waiting patiently for my kindle edition to download at midnight. Usually kindle deliveries of pre-ordered books happen only after midnight has arrived in California; this means that for me, being in Puerto Rico, the “midnight delivery” occurs always around 3:00 AM. So I was hugely surprised and unbelievably pleased that by 12:30 AM (Puerto Rico time) my book was safe, sound and ready to be read on my Kindle. I’m already done with it; review to come very soon.

Thursday was the day that the next book from Karen Marie Moning got its cover reveal. It came accompanied by a quote from Dani. You can check it out in Ms. Moning’s Facebook Page.

The quote is:
I figure the folks that are the most interesting get to go to heaven. I mean, if I was God, that’s who I’d want there with me. I also figure being eternally happy would be eternally boring so I try not to be too interesting, even though it’s hard for me. I’d rather be a superhero in hell than an angel in heaven. What the feck would I do all day if I wasn’t kicking demon ass?
Lastly, on Friday Kim Harrison left a very insightful comment on her Facebook Page. It seems that The Hollows will be in fact a 13 book series.

Hope you enjoyed this summary of the news happening around the literary web world. Feel free to drop by the comments section below and leave your opinions on any or all the matters mentioned above. 

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