Thursday, January 19, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution, Official Trailer

Courtesy of Resident Evil Movie via Facebook Page.
To all my followers and lurkers here is a question: how many of you are Resident Evil fans? My answers, I am one. 

My first contact with the franchise happened when I was around 11, when my cousin bought the very first Resident Evil for his PlayStation, fast-forward a few years and the first movie hit theaters. Now, 21 games, 4 motion pictures and 2 CGI movies later the franchise keeps going on strong with its next two new movies to be release this year. For the new CGI movie (Resident Evil: Damnation) there is no release date other than 2012. But us fans can count for sure on the release of Resident Evil: Retribution, schedule for September 14, 2012. The very first trailer has hit the web today, so without further ado, I’ll leave you to enjoy the trailer:

Let us know what do you think of the trailer in the comments section below; are you exited to see it or wondering "why another"?

PS: I don't remember the last time i saw so much product placement in a movie trailer...

Now, if you are more of a gamer than a movie goer you can always just wait a bit longer (until November 20, 2012) for Resident Evil 6:

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  1. Zombie fans unite!..sorta lol. Games have always been great. movies are fun to watch but make no sense if youve ever played the games o.O lol. have you read any of the RE books?

    1. You know what, i haven't yet i want to read them though

    2. If I remember right i think there are five books all together. not the best but fun reads if you're a fan of the series.

    3. I'm gonna check them out thanks ^.^ have you read them?

    4. Yeah I read the first one some time ago. Could never find the others though. Let me know if you find them :)

    5. I'll check them too, see if i can find them


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