Friday, January 6, 2012

A Perfect Blood Excerpt, Chapter 1

For those of you out there that love their witches good and kick ass, an excerpt from the awaited continuation to The Hollows Series by Kim Harrison is now available for everyone to enjoy.

The excerpt is of the first chapter (13 pages) from A Perfect Blood; book that will be released on February 21, 2012. From now on, the first five chapters of the book will be subsequently release as excerpts until the release date for the Novel. Chapter two is expected to be released next Tuesday.

If you wish to read the first chapter you can find it at Harper Voyager’s Facebook Page.

I have to say, I have a love/hate relationships with excerpts; I love getting a chance to read some of the story to curb the waiting but they are always, and I mean always left in some kind of cliffhanger (big or small) that only makes the waiting more excruciating. I know that is part of the reasoning behind the excerpt, to give you barely enough to entice you without giving you too much information or revealing any plot points.

Now, The Hollows is one of my favorite series featuring a witch. I discovered it while perusing Border’s isles looking at the covers hoping for something to grab my attention and boy did it grab it. At the time the book that had come out (and was being featured on the shelves) was Every Which Way but Dead and the cover alone pulled me (I am a sucker for boots, the higher the better); while reading it over a bit I realized that it wasn’t the beginning of the story, so an employee helped me find Dead Witch Walking. I read the first chapter on the store and that was all it took for me to decide that The Hollows, along with Rachel, Ivy and Jenks, were going home with me.
Fast forward nine books, a couple of short stories and an Insider’s Guide, and the waiting game is on for the 10th installment of the series.

I will say that, after reading the first chapter I didn’t felt the excruciating waiting reaction I normally get, I did felt an incredible curiosity as to what will happen; then again is only one chapter composed of thirteen pages that takes place in a government office, I have a feeling that by the time the fifth chapter comes our way I will we walking the walls and wishing that the calendar moves along a lot faster.

Now is your turn; have you read the excerpt? If you read it, what do you think off of it? If you haven’t read it yet, do you plan on doing it? What are your thoughts about the entire scene? Sound of your comments below.

If you'd like more info on the next chapters click on their links below:

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