Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perfect Fit!

Product: Timbuk2 Kindle and Kindle Touch Envelope Sleeve
Brand: Timbuk2
8 inches long,
5 ¾ inches wide; when closed,
8 ½ inches wide; when open,
About ¾ of an inch thick on the er... thickest part (the flap when closed).
My Rating: ★★★★☆
Get them @: Amazon (follow the links below)

The Kindle, regardless of the model, is such a fragile equipment that it is recommended to get it a good cover if you plan to tow it back and forth. And a big part of the allure of the kindle (of any reading device really) is the portability and book capacity. So when I bough me and my sister a kindle accessories where necessary.
This part review is for the Timbuk2 Kindle and Kindle Touch ENVELOPE SLEEVE, Grey/Cold Blue.

I bought this item for myself in a batch for Xmas this December, two of each of the selected items, one for me and one as a gift for my sister. I love that my brand new Kindle Touch, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display - includes Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers fits perfectly and snugly, which i love, since my kindle won't be sliding up and down inside. The sleeve is flexible but still sturdy enough to give support when the device is in, plus has enough padding to protect the kindle but not enough to make it too bulky. Looks and feels well constructed, and the Velcro works fine. The size fits perfectly in my purse (which is on the small side, however it is a baggy, jean purse so that counts). I also switch a lot between my purse and my backpack (with all my college books in it) and i feel that my kindle will be protected from the hassles of living in either one while i'm walking around.

I'm docking a star for the following:

I have to point out that the one of the grey colors looks slightly different from the picture. The sleeve, when placed with its front to you and on its bottom (the flap opening upwards), has a dark (jean-like) grey color on its left, a beautiful sky blue on the center, and a light grey on its right. The Light grey looks more like a dirty grey vs the color in the picture, making it look a little off; my father, when he saw it, kept calling it cream color (he said the grey-blue-cream sleeve). In addition, the light grey color feels like plastic compare to the rest of the case which feels like a piece of canvas cloth.

Also, something i would have love for this to have (and it would have been extremely convenient too) is an small outer pocket or something of the like. A place to keep the USB cable and wall power adapter safe and together. As it is, my cable is dancing from surface to surface while not in use and it can easily get lost or broken. I don't think that there is a case for the kindle touch out there yet that addresses this issue; if it is and you've seen it please let me know on the comments, that would be a great fix.

I also bought the same sleeve, but in another color, as a gift for my sister:

This part of the review is for the Timbuk2 Kindle and Kindle Touch ENVELOPE SLEEVE, Black/Gunmetal/Red.

Like I said above, the construction of the item is exactly like i described before, perfect for the kindle touch and very protective of the device.

The only difference is the color scheme. The colors in this particular item are very deep, rich, very dark colors, which makes it look amazing and my sister loved when she saw it on Christmas morning. The material seems to be canvas all the way around.

Like with mine, a small outer pocket or something of the like would have been an amazing addition.

*This review appeared first on my Amazon Account.

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