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News: Goodreads Q&A with Jeaniene Frost (Original Transcript)

Hello my amazing followers and lurkers, I’m calling forth all Jeaniene Frost’s Fans to come out of the woodwork!! The Goodreads Group Gotta Have Paranormal Romance with a Kick had a Q&A with the author of the Night Huntress, Night Huntress World and Night Prince novels! I went through the thread and have prepared a transcript for your enjoyment; get ready to get some first-hand news straight from Jeaniene Frost’s keyboard ~.^

The dynamic was that fans will write questions and for two hours Mrs. Frost answered them. The questions will be in bold and the name of the user that originally posted it will be underlined. If I have to make a comment of any sort the text will be in pink. I will transcribe them as the original posted wrote them; I will not change their questions, or the answers.

I will try to get reorganize the questions so that I can distill the information for easier (and faster) access. Those will go on another post later this (or next) week; in the meantime, here is the original transcript in the order that Jeaniene answered the questions:

Jeaniene: Hi everyone! Thanks so much to the moderators for inviting me to come out tonight, and thanks so much to YOU for keeping me from being lonely ;-). I'll start answering the questions already posted, but please feel to free to ask away on any new ones.

Elizabeth wrote: "Are u gona write more then nine Cat and Bones books?Please say yes"

Jeaniene: Sorry, I have to say no. Since I started their series, I knew how it would end, and each book brings Cat and Bones closer to their final resolution. Besides, they've earned some time away from the evils of my keyboard, righ? *wink*

Emily wrote: "Ms. Frost, How did you come up with your first book idea? Also, how long did it take you to write it?"

Jeaniene: I came up with the idea for Cat and Bones from a dream. I've always had very vivid dreams and as a teen, I used to write them down and make little (unfinished) stories out of them. Anyway, right around the time that I was having a mild meltdown about turning 30 and having done nothing toward my goal of being an author one day, I had a dream where I saw a half-vampire woman arguing with a full vampire man about why she'd left him years before. In the dream, I knew she still loved him and hadn't wanted to leave, but felt like she had no choice. I also knew he'd been looking for her that whole time and was NOT going to go away quietly. When I woke up, I kept thinking about those people and wondering who they were and how they'd gotten to that point (let alone a half-vampire and a vampire together? How did that happen?). Answering those questions eventually become my first book, Halfway to the Grave.

As for a timeline, I have some detailed information about that here:

t'irla ~aka s'layer~ wrote: "I adore your books! When can we expect Ian's book I love his bad boy self:) Will Tate and the boys be making a come back in the future? I also get a big kick out of Cat's Mom and I know she loved Rodney but Will she be meeting someone else and getting her HEA? I have a million more questions but will give others a chance :)"

Jeaniene: First, thank you! Second, an Ian book. When he grows up enough to stop sleeping with everything that moves, heh. Seriously, though, he needs to mature. I have hopes that he will, especially after the events in The Bite Before Christmas story.

Re-Tate and other members from Cat's team. You will see them again in Cat & Bones #7, tentatively titled Up From the Grave (out next year).

Re-Justina. Yay for a Justina fan! :) I don't know if she'll get a HEA. She's still working through a lot of pain right now. We'll see how she does in a few more books.

Bookie ≡ The Book Gypsy wrote: "I your books. I have read them all a couple of times and cannot wait for Ian's book either.
With a series that has as many wonderful books in it, how do you keep your book content so fresh and original?"

Jeaniene: Thank you! As for keeping content fresh, I don't really have a system. I write the story in my head, then I try to make it the best it can be through editing, and then I hope that I'm not the only one who likes it once it releases.

Or I could give you my husband's thoughts behind how I write these stories: "You have a sick mind, honey. Glad you're putting it to good use!" :)

Fiona wrote: " Firstly, Thanks so much for doing this!! I am a huge fan of the whole Night Huntress world! How do you write your characters?
Character writing is the most difficult for me. I love to analyze people, but for some reason, when I'm in front of the computer, who they are all becomes the same. :p Bones and Cat are so unique and wonderful. Did you base them off of people?"

Jeaniene: Thank you! The brief explanation behind how I write my characters is that I think about them obsessively. Then I show as much about them as I can without clogging up a book in rambling backstory. I go into a lot more detail here about my process, but I'll link it since it's long:

As for character writing being difficult for you, welcome to the wonderful world of writing books :). It IS difficult to take the people and stories in your head, then download them onto a blank page into something that will - hopefully - turn out to be a competent and entertaining story. I get emails all the time from aspiring authors saying "But this is hard! How did you find a way around that?" The answer is I didn't. I pushed through it just like everyone else.

Re-Did I base my characters off people? No. Sadly, I haven't met anyone quite like Bones in my life ;-).

Alana (aka ◘Whiplash◘) wrote: "First of all, many of us here (me included) ADORE, LOVE, and WORSHIP your books! Recently, I went to a Charlaine Harris book signing and she listed you among her favorite authors. Do you have favorite authors or books that you enjoy reading in your free time?"

Jeaniene: Thank you! Charlaine is such a wonderful and gracious woman. I do have a list of favorite authors. It's here, broken down by genre:

Wistar89 wrote: "Hi Jeanine! I love your series and I'm so glad you decided to do a Q&A and I hope you don't mind my three questions!
1. There are 3 remaining Cat/Bones books, are you planning to write one of them in Bones' point of view?
2. Since Ian is not getting his own book soon could you tell us how old he is in human age when he was turned?
3. Last question! Did Bones really forgive Annette for hiding the truth about his family? and what did he mean by "everything I have ever done for you" in end in TBBC?"

Jeaniene: Re-question 1. It's not in my plans. If I find while I'm writing that the final book will need his point of view, I'll add it. If I don't think it will, I won't. But it's hard to say until I'm actually doing it.

Re-2. Ian's age. I can't remember if I wrote that in a book and if I did, my answer may differ now (Lazy author not bothering to stop the chat to look up my notes) but I see Ian as being 25 when he was turned.

Re-3. Bones forgiving Annette. He definitely understood, after hearing her side of the story. It may take a while to totally forgive, though. Re-everything he'd done for her. Well, he came back for her almost 20 years after he'd been sentenced to the penal colonies and turned her into a vampire. Then for the next two centuries, he protected her and stood by her as a lover and friend.

Jeaniene: Oh, let me apologize in advance for any typing/grammar errors. I'm typing fast trying to get to everyone so that makes for sloppiness sometimes. Now you know what my editor has to deal with! Heh.

P.A. wrote: "I have to gush a bit first, sorry. Night Huntress and the Night Huntress World are my absolute favorite series. I have read every book at least 5 times. I love the way you write and your characters and dialogue is excellent. Love it.
Do you think you will ever stray away from the Night Huntress books and try anything new?"

Jeaniene: First, thank you! Second, yes. I've already done two non-Night Huntress universe stories. The first was Pack, featuring modern day werewolves, which you can find in the Under Her Skin anthology. The second was Night's Darkest Embrace featuring demons, partial demons, and fallen angels set in modern times. That story originally appeared in the Haunted By Your Touch anthology, but is re-releasing as a single digital title in November.

Anna wrote: "Are there any plans in the future for a novella written from Bone's POV?
Has your publisher given a thumbs up for more than two books in Vlad's series?
Thank you!" 

Jeaniene: I wrote a novella in Bones's point of view set right before he meets Cat. It's called Reckoning, and it's available in ebook for only $1.99.

Re-A third Vlad book. Well, I'm not done writing the second book so I don't know if I even have ideas for a third book. It usually takes me close to the end before I'll realize that a couple's storyline isn't over. Also, even if I do have an idea for a third Vlad book, my publisher will base their decision on whether to buy it from me based off sales for Vlad 1 (Once Burned). Publishing is a business so if there doesn't prove to be a market for Vlad's books, they'll stop at two so they don't incur loss.

This is the same thing, by the way, that they did with the Cat and Bones books. Originally, only two books were purchased by my publisher. Then when they saw the great reader response when Halfway to the Grave came out, they immediately ordered three more. Good thing, too, since I'd already written the third Cat and Bones book even before they bought it :).

Kaye wrote: "Hi I love your books I hope you don't mind me asking two questions
1. How do you pronounce Leila?
2. Are you going to post the first 20% of Once Burned as you did with your other books? If so when?"

Jeaniene: 1. Leila is pronounced Lay-lah, like the Eric Clapton song :).

2. Yes, absolutely! As soon as my publisher posts the 20%, I'll link it all over the place. I love giving readers the chance to try before they buy.

angelmoon wrote: "Hi, thanks for answering our questions! Love your books! Will there be a book with Annette as main character?"

Jeaniene: Thank you! I don't know. I don't have a story with Annette as a main character in my head at the moment. That could change, though. It did with Vlad!

Mel wrote: "Hello! Like everyone else I love/adore/worship your books, they are amazing. Even my boyfriend who hates to read gave them a try and enjoyed them. In the first book, when Bones is telling Cat his life story, he says that he was changed along with two others, Spade and Timothy. My question is:

Will Timothy ever make an appearance on the books, where is him, why hasn't he showed up yet?

Thank you so much" (My question) 

Jeaniene: Ah, Timothy. I get asked about him a lot. Here's what I can say: Yes, I know exactly where he is, what he's doing, and why he hasn't contacted anyone since he left. I just haven't been able to fit that into a storyline yet. Maybe it's another book waiting to happen...

t'irla ~aka s'layer~ wrote: "Follow up to Mel's question, Will Timothy find Cain?"

Jeaniene: I can't answer that without spoilering, sorry. I do KNOW the answer, if that helps at all :P

TWiser wrote: "1)Cat hasn't healed anyone yet, can she?
2)If she changes over someone will they be like her or regular vamp?
3)Since Cat absorbs power from blood, could she absorb Denise's?"

Jeaniene: 1. Maybe. We'll see :).

2. Good question! I'm not answering because I don't want to spoil what I intend to show in a future book.

3. Good question! I'm not answering again for the same reason, though. I know - Evil Author!

Nanna -Danish Dhlite- wrote: "How do you come up with new plots? What inspire you? In books and in life? ;)" 

Jeaniene: When I start a book, I have the MAIN plot already worked out. It's all the subplots that develop organically as I write. As for inspiration, it comes from everywhere. I'm not being flip when I say that. For example, I saw a History Channel show on moonshine several years ago and that inspired Winston the horny alcoholic ghost. I passed a street sign the other day and it ended up giving me the villain's name in the book I'm writing. So, literally, everywhere.

Anastis wrote: "Hi, I love your books! They are amazing! As many of the ladies here, I'm in love with Bones, and Cat is one hell of a "girl"! Every single character has it's own je ne sais quoi that makes it so interesting.
So my questions: Will the Night Huntress books come out in Latin America? do you have plans to publish them in spanish?
And, is there any chance to read a Bone's POV book in the future?
Again, I really enjoy your books and can't wait to read Vlad's story.
Love from Chile~ "

Jeaniene: Thank you! My Spanish publisher decided to only buy the first book in my series, and no other Spanish publisher has shown interest in picking up the rest of them. So I'm sorry to say that at this time, it doesn't look like there will be more books out in Spanish.

As for a future book in Bones's point of view, maybe. I'm not actively planning it, but I'm open to the idea. It rather depends on whether he's feeling talkative :).

Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ wrote: "I just wanted to say thank you for such wonderful characters. Will we learn more about Cat's Uncle Don's history with Madigan?"

Jeaniene: Thank you! Yes, Don and Madigan's history will be revealed in Cat and Bones #7.

Ashley wrote: "Not a question, but I just wanted to say I adore your books. The characters a wonderful, the plots are quick and fun, and I am always up way too late reading. I look forward to reading the answers..."

Jeaniene: Thank you!

Delicate wrote: "Is the Wraith in Home for the Holidays the same Wraith in the Mencheres spinoff? I couldn't follow because Wraith dies in the later book in a different way then in the first mentioned book.
Can you clarify on Bone's age?
what actually happens to Max once he's captured?I'm sorry if I missed this.
I adore your writing Ms. Frost. So few books get me to actually laugh out loud and yours have done it over and over. The witty dialogue/banter is unmatched. Ian is hysterical-please put more of him in your next books. I'm glad you've matured Cat as her angst was beginning to grate. Thank you for such wonderful entertainment."

Jeaniene: 1. No, that's not the same Wraith. That's me not having a graph of all the tiny side character names so I don't embarrass myself in the future by duplicating one.

2. Bones's age. He's 245 as of the events in The Bite Before Christmas. I know in At Grave's End I wrote that he was 247. This was a typo. Sorry for the confusion!

3. Max after he's been captured. He's REALLY not enjoying his prison time. I once wrote a scene showing some of what Bones put him through and my agent told me she almost threw up reading it. Ahem, after that, we decided it was better left to everyone's imagination.

Dana*aka Assassin* wrote: "Ms. Frost, thank you so much for taking the time to do a Q&A with us. I really appreciate how well you treat your fans <3
I was wondering if Marie Laveau, the ghoul queen, will have a story of her own. She is very spooky, yet intriguing"

Jeaniene: I find Marie so interesting. I'd love to do a story with her one day. At the very least, I intend to show her as a recurring side character.

Julie wrote: "As a HUGE fan, I want to thank you for sharing yourself with us for a few hours. I'm a Sioux City native so I have to ask:
How did you choose to use Sioux City, IA as the main setting in One Grave at a Time?"

Jeaniene: Well, I knew One Grave at a Time was going to end in a corn field maze and before I started writing it, I looked up huge corn mazes. Several were in Iowa, as you can imagine. I then looked for a city that would fit the story's requirements and after hours of reserach, decided on Sioux City.

And I pity the poor owner of a corn field maze that I called one day to ask a series of questions that probably made me sound like a nut to her. How tall is the corn around Halloween? What does it sound like when it's rubbing together? How flammable is it? I'm amazed she didn't trace the call and report me to the police ;).

Nanna -Danish Dhlite- wrote: " How much do put into researching the places/cities/countries etc. that you use in your books?"

Jeaniene: I started giving a little window of this in my answer to the question before yours, actually. The short reply is a lot, and yet most of what I find out doesn't end up in the book because it would be considered boring backstory. Still, if I don't know it, then I'll screw up what I DO write about. Mistakes still happen, of course. I don't travel to most of the locations I write about since I have time/money constraints, so I'm dependent on what I can glean from looking online, in books, in documentaries, or in pamphlets. That isn't always a complete picture. But for every book, I'd say I do dozens of hours of research, if not more.

TWiser wrote: "I absolutely LOVE your books and I seem to reread them all the time like favorite movies. Thanks for the wounderful world you've created and for sharing with us. Can't wait for the rest!!!
4)What happened to the power that turned Bones' hair white in AGE?
5)If Tenoch shared his power with Mencheres and Mencheres is well old enough, why does he not also have the Dreamsnatching power or pyrokinis?
6)Do ghouls get any special abilities?"

Jeaniene: 4. This power will show up again before Cat and Bones's series is done. That's all I can say without spoilering.

5. Vampires "inherit" different gifts from their sire or their sire's lineage, just like some children inherit different things from their parents/family genetics. Pyrokinesis and telekinesis are very rare powers that require extraordinary strength to wield, so combine that with the "maybe you get the gene, maybe you don't" odds, and that's why you see so few vamps with them.

6. Some ghouls do, like Marie. Mostly, though, a ghoul's special ability is how hard they are to kill. Compared to the different ways a vampire can do, ghouls are much more formidable.

Michelle(Chelle) aka Nightshade wrote: "Well it looks like most my questions have been taken...LOL. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you so much for creating one of my favorite series of all time. Like many others above, I am anxiously awaiting Ian's story. He has been a favorite of mine from the very beginning. Did you have certain individuals in mind when you created your characters? I would love to know who you visualized while you were writing."

Jeaniene: Thank you! I usually don't have specific individuals in mind when I'm describing my characters since they're in my head, and no person I've seen in real life can quite match up to the images in my head. Sometimes after a book is out, I'll see someone and think, "Oh, he/she could make a good ____!" but it's not an exact match. More of a "That person has a few qualities that remind me of Character X."

For example, in a recent post, I said that my heroine Leila could be pictured as a cross between Megan Fox and Katie McGrath, and that Vlad could be similar to a cross between a Greek model and Michael Fassbender. Are those actors who I think of when I write? No, but it gives readers who are interested a peek into how I (sorta) picture certain characters. Here's the post, for pics:

Olivia wrote: "When will the Once Burned audio book be available?"

Jeaniene: The audio version should be out the same day as the paperback/ebook: June 26th.

Tosha wrote: "Jeaniene, I really enjoy all of your work! I was wondering Will you ever write full length books about your short story characters, particularly Isa and Chance, or Raphael and Mara?"

Jeaniene: I'm glad you enjoyed reading about them! At this time, I don't have plans to extend their stories. I'm booked up finishing Cat and Bones's series plus finishing Vlad's series (two books or three!) so that's given me a lot to think about already. Maybe one day, though!

Chelsea wrote: "My question is Will there be another Mencheres book? I absolutely loved it!!"

Jeaniene: I don't have plans to write a full length novel about Mencheres and Kira again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED writing their book, but some stories are meant to be stand-alones. Theirs was one of them.

♥☆♫★♡ Kathy♡bahd gihrl♥♡★ wrote: "Hi Jeaniene. Have spoken with you a coiuple of times now, Thanks so much for your time here, and your wonderful characters! I just want to know, Why did Rodney have to die? I was really angry about that, as He and Justina were so happy together, Do you have bigger plans for Justina in future books? She was such a miserable piece before he came along and made her happy, for such a short time. Any chance you could bring him back!? After all, Cats uncle got a second chance! And will Justina get her HEA? She drove me nuts when the series first started, to the point that I wanted her to die! But after Rodney she was just so different, and became a real favorite for me."

Jeaniene: I hated Rodney dying, but my books are set in a very dangerous world and bad things happen sometimes to good people. If it's any consolation, I cried writing that scene. No joke.

Re-bringing him back. No, he's gone. What happened with Don was rare. It won't happen with Rodney.

Re-Justina. I'd hope that she would be happy again one day, but it's up to her. She's still learning and growing, and she has a lot of both left ahead of her. Maybe one day...

Dana wrote: "Jeaniene I enjoy your books so much you really got me interested in reading, I was just wondering a few things
1) Will Vlad have his own book?
2) How difficult is it to get published?
3) One day will you ever come to the Barnes and Noble in Covington Louisiana?" (This comment was later edited to eliminate the first question; but not before Mrs. Frost answered it.)

Jeaniene: 1. Vlad has his own SERIES :). Book one, Once Burned, comes out June 26th.

2. This answer varies. For some people, it's relatively easy. For others, it takes years, decades, or never happens. The hardest thing is that starting out, you don't know which category you'll fall into. That's why I encourage aspiring authors to first love writing. If you do, then even if you don't get published, you will have never wasted your time. For a lot more information on publishing that's too long to quote now, check out this post here:

3. I don't know. There are a LOT of places I'd like to go to, but I have time restraints because these books don't write themselves :). I will be in New Orleans, LA this August for the Authors After Dark convention. Don't know how far that is from Covington but maybe I'll see you there! The signing is open to the public so conference attendance isn't mandatory.

Thalita_argon wrote: "Gosh, I can't believe the one and only Jeaniene Frost is going to read this comment of mine! I just want to say your books have changed my life, and it's a part of myself. Thank you so much for sharing such amazing ideas with us!
Never stop writting! Please!
My question is: How do you write? I mean, what comes first, an idea, a character, research (on what)? Please enlighten me on the writting process."

Jeaniene: Thank you for the lavish compliments! I'm blushing! :

Characters come first for me, always. This is probably because as a reader, if I don't connect with the characters, it doesn't matter how great a plot is. I won't like the book. For a more detailed explanation of my process when I write, please check out this post:

Jellisa wrote: "1.) Is there going to be tv show or a movie after book nine.
2.) When is the seven book coming out 2012 or 2013.
3.)Will we ever know about Ian backstory before he met Bones and Spade.
4.) Will Tyler from the last book will be in the next one." 

Jeaniene: 1. Movies and TV shows are out of my hands. Hollywood would have to come calling. They haven't yet.

2. Cat and Bones #7 will come out next year.

3. If Ian ever gets his own book, I will detail his backstory with Bones, Spade, and other things readers can't imagine yet (I tease, I know!)

4. I loved writing Tyler and hope he'll show up again. If it makes sense for the plot, he'll be there. Much as I liked him, I can't stick him where he doesn't belong.

Michelle wrote: "When will we hear any news about the next Night Huntress novel? Can you tell us anything about it now?"

Jeaniene: Cat and Bones #7 comes out next year. It's subject-to-change title is Up From the Grave. You'll learn more about what happened with Don and Madigan in it, and how that affects Cat, Bones, and the rest of the gang now. That's all I can say without spoilering.

Linsey wrote: "Hi I just want to say I LOVE the night huntress world series and long may they continue... I absolutely loved First Drop Of Crimson, Spade has always been an intriguing character for me, I was wondering if we will get to see another Denise and Spade story in the future? *gets on knees and prays*"

Jeaniene: Thank you! Denise and Spade will continue to be side characters in the books, but I don't intend to give them a full novel again. I loved writing them, but not every book can be the start of a series (even if I want them to be sometimes!)

Selene wrote: "How soon can we expect Ian's book (assuming he has one)?
And I'm sorry, but I would just LOVE IT if he ended up with Justina. ;-)"

Jeaniene: Ian...maybe one day with a book. After he grows up a lot. Him with Justina? He'd sleep with her, sure. He'd sleep with a chair if he thought he'd enjoy the splinters, heh. But them as a real couple? No. He'd eat her alive, literally. Ian would need someone tougher than him, mentally and physically, or he'd walk over her.

t'irla ~aka s'layer~ wrote: "To Follow up: I agree JF they will need a break but you have created so many other wonderful characters in this series...such as Vlad:)... would you bring other characters back in perhaps anthologies to keep them alive for us?"

Jeaniene: Maybe. I'm not being coy, promise. I just don't know yet. I hadn't expected Timmie to pop back up in later books, but lo and behold, he did. This is the curse of writing organically. I don't know everything in advance.

Jennifer "Book Huntress" wrote: "Some great questions already, and can't wait to hear anything you have about upcoming stories (bring on Vlad!!!)but...
Ok, I have to ask any scenes like chapter 32 coming up for Cat & Bones??? They had some great scenes in the cave and the stairwell *whew* and that chapter (!) but not much since then, only one
I can think of was while they were flying. Don't get me wrong, I love them regardless but miss some of their spice...
also any chance of a special prize if Bones wins Vampire Book Clubs Alpha Showdown ??? Maybe a POV scene or story???"

Jeaniene: I don't deliberately plan to write certain sex scenes. Chapter 32 wasn't planned, for instance. It happened after Cat basically said, "I dare you to shock me" and that was the result. Will that happen in later books? It could. Am I planning to "top" that scene? No, because again, if I write with the idea of "Oh, I have to do something like X again" it doesn't have that authentic feel according to the characters. They drive the stories. I just take their dictation :).

At this time, I'm not offering any special clips for the Alpha Showdown. I love how Vamp Book Club (and other sites) provide ways for readers to interact while having fun with certain characters, but I'm under the Deadline Gun and wouldn't be able to write something special just for that.

Samantha wrote: " When Bones said “Ask me if I sparkle and I’ll kill you where you stand.”...You were without a doubt poking fun of Twilight, right?
hahah because that was awesome. Your books have thankfully revived my opinion that vampires are badass after Twilight had previously killed it with a sparkly silver knife. :D"

Jeaniene: Well, I wouldn't say I was poking fun at Twilight. I was making a pop culture reference, and Twilight has grown huge enough to be considered pop culture. I also made a Ross & Rachel (from Friends) breakup reference in First Drop of Crimson, among other pop culture references in other books, and in the book I'm writing, the heroine compares herself to Gollum from The Lord of the Rings because of her own nasty internal voice.

I've always said that until a real vampire stands up and explains what the species is actually like, it's anyone's game in fiction. Want your vampires to be fangless and sparkle? Go for it. Want them to be monstrous-looking and evil? Go for it. Want them to be something in between? Same answer: Go for it. The best part about writing paranormal fiction is making your own rules when it comes to the creatures you utilize. Obviously some readers will prefer certain types above others, but isn't it great that there's such variety to choose from? When I was a kid, vampires = evil. There was nothing else. I LOVE the change!

TWiser wrote: "7) Is there a reason demons seem to be attracted to Cat(or her friends)? there has been alot around her lately and the way the one acted in Devil to Pay struck me as personal.
8) Is Bones based on Angel from Buffy? I was rewatchin it with my daughter and noticed ALOT of similarities, like his original age, body, sex apeal"

Jeaniene: Demons are coming into play more because Cat is more immersed in the supernatual world. At the beginning of the series, she only interacted with vampires to kill them. Now she's married to one and he's co-ruler to a huge line, pulling her away more from humanity and into the inhuman realm. It's been fun adding in these elements because I couldn't before when she was stuck on a farm with only her family around her.

No, Bones isn't based on Angel from Buffy. He isn't based on anyone in particular. About once a week, someone says, "But Bones is clearly inspired by_____!" and the example varies depending on the person speaking. I've heard that's he's based off of Angel, Spike, Jean Claude, Eric Northman, Edward, the blond vamp from Blade the Series, Legolas, the older Malfoy in Harry Potter, Lestat, Louis...the list goes on. Here's what I tell people: If it makes you happy picturing Bones as that person, go for it! You're the reader. You're in charge :).

Sin wrote: "Ms Frost, thank you for allowing us this time. Just recently got hooked on you series. Love it.
My question is: Will Don Williams cross over?
thank you"

Jeaniene: Glad you're enjoying the books! Sorry I can't answer that about Don without spoilering, though.

Trader wrote: "Hi Jeaniene! I'm looking forward to Once Burned. The snippets I've read have been very exciting!
what research did you do regarding the actual Vlad Tepes in the creation of your Vlad?
Best wishes, trader" 

Jeaniene: Hi Trader, 

When I first added Vlad as a side character in the series, I only did a little research because I didn't want to do what everyone else had done before with him. I saw that the historical accounts of Vlad varied from the traditional Dracula persona and I really liked that, so I went with those. When I knew I wanted to make him the hero of a new series, I went deep into the research about the historical Vlad Tepesh, and you'll see a lot more of his past in his book, Once Burned.

Debra wrote: " While I am really looking forward to Vlad's book being about Vlad I was wondering will we see much of Bones and Cat in Vlad's book? Can you give us a hint of what we can expect in the remaining Nighthuntress books? Thank you so much, and I have to say that I LOVE the series, love Cat and I adore Bones!"

Jeaniene: Hi Debra, Cat and Bones show up in Vlad's book, but they're only in it for a short time. As for what's going to happen with them in future books, please see my reponse to other readers with this same question. Thanks!

Marlena wrote: "What are your plans for the future?? Any new series in the works??"

Jeaniene: The only new series I'm working on now is the new Night Prince series with Vlad and Leila. I also have to wrap up Cat and Bones's series. After that...I have some ideas, but nothing concrete. Who know? Something else make strike me in the meantime.

Valentina wrote: "Hi, Jeaniene. Greetings from Italy! Sorry for my english is not very good. My question is this:
What you surround yourself with to find the concentration and set the mood for writing?"

Jeaniene: I have song playlists for every book I write and they set the mood. In fact, soon on my website blog I will post the playlist that I listened to while writing Once Burned. It was over 80 songs long so there will be a lot!

Selene wrote: "If you had a choice of any love scenes you wrote where you could replace the heroine with yourself, which would it be? Also, have you ever heard of a model named Farzan Athari? PERFECT MENCHERES. Just sayin’."

Jeaniene: Snort. If I answered this question, my husband might divorce me, so I'll have to say No Comment :).

Haven't heard of that model before. I'll be sure to look him up!

Bookie ≡ The Book Gypsy wrote: "This is a fantastical question, I suppose and not exactly book related but a girl just wants to know :). If you could choose to have dinner with 3 people (living or deceased) who would they be... and why (if you're up to answering that one :))."

Jeaniene: Living? President Obama, Dean Koontz, and Bono.

Deceased? Abraham Lincoln, Vlad the Impaler (research, baby! :), and Joan of Arc.

Simona wrote: " Do you think you'd ever write a short-story or book for Tate? I hate to see him so miserable and not get a nice girl, since he can't have Cat. Heh ;D"
Jeaniene: I'd love to see Tate happy one day. We'll have to see how he makes it in the final Cat and Bones books.

Esther wrote: "I THINK I NOT THE ONLY FAN THAT IS GOING CRAZY FOR VLAD, because after bones and cat he is one of my fav. but i still can wait for Ian and the other book I know you are not making more books after..." (Couldn’t find the original to complete the question, sorry)

Jeaniene: Maybe. I don't know. They might want me to leave them alone :).

Diana wrote: "I love your books. My friend and I would love for you to come to DragonCon. Any plans to come to DragonCon some day?"

Jeaniene: I hear nothing but wonderful things about DragonCon and I'd love to come one day. My schedule is full this year, though. Maybe next year!

Heather (hungrycookiemonster) wrote: " Hey Jeanine! I know you have released deleted scenes from previous novels but I was wondering if you have or will for "One Grave at a Time"?"

Jeaniene: There were no deleted scenes for One Grave at a Time. Just altered scenes, but I'm not releasing those. They were altered because the previous versions sucked, heh.

Jeaniene: Okay, it's past the "end" time but I want to answer all the questions that have already been asked. If you don't see me specifically respond to your question, it's because someone else asked the same one and I already responded to them, so please read the thread for your answer. Thanks!

Andrea wrote: "Hi Jeaniene! I wanted to know who your favorite character is to write about and why?"

: I'm fickle, so my favorite character is whoever I'm writing at the time. Call me a character slut! :D

Patty88 wrote: "Jeanine !! Another you have any plans to visit Australia !!! I would love to get a signed book !! or is there any other way I can do it. Thanks for putting your mind ..." (Some of the comments most have been erased, I can’t find some of the original ones.)

Jeaniene: No immediate plans, sorry. As for getting a signed book, I don't do that, but I do send out signed book plates. Please fill out the contact box on my website with your info requesting one.

Raffaella wrote: "Raffaella | 1 comments Hi, Jeaniene, I'm Raffaella from Rome (Italy), I'm too tired, It was for me a really hardly day, I just want to say THANK YOU for all your books and your immagination. Hope to see you here in Italy... yes, I have a question: Do you think it could be possible see you here in Italy? My books are waiting for your signture!! Glad to read you on this chat"

Jeaniene: Sorry, not sure! The world is a huge place and I probably won't get to a lot of it if I want to continue writing at the pace that I am. As for getting a signed book, I don't do that, but I do send out signed book plates. Please fill out the contact box on my website with your info requesting one.

Christian wrote: "Hi Jeaniene, On average, how many words do you write a day?"

Jeaniene: It depends. For the beginning of a book, which is the hardest for me, a couple hundred at most. By the end of a book, anywhere from 1 - 3 thousand words a day.

TWiser wrote: "9) Is there ganna be any more of Bones's flings to come? Will Cat change her rule about killing out of jelousy? ;-D"

Jeaniene: Bones won't be cheating on Cat. She would kill him and whoever he cheated on her with, heh. Plus, he'd know how much that would hurt her and thus wouldn't do it.

Jellisa wrote: "1.) Will there be a book about Cat when she when she was a teenager."

Jeaniene: You see a flash of Cat's life as a teenager in Destined for an Early Grave. That's all I plan to show of it at this time.

Valerie wrote: " Will Tavia Gilbert be the narrator for Once Burned?"
Jeaniene: Yes, I'm happy to say that Tavia is the narrator for the audio of Once Burned.

Charina wrote: "Can we see Max scene on the "Deleted Scenes" part of your website? :D"

Jeaniene: No, sorry. I don't want to scar anyone :P

Aestas **aka Crazinneldy** wrote: "I love the Night Huntress series because it is one of the only series with a reoccurring couple where you don't mess with their relationship to create drama. It is so refreshing to have a couple with such a solid, functional relationship where the drama comes from the world instead of their relationship.
My question is: Will Cat & Bones ever build a family together? I know they can't have biological children, but will they end up adopting? Or some other option? I mean as a family unit, not just in the vampire family sense."

Jeaniene: Thank you! You should like the new Night Prince series, too, since it follows the same couple. Cat and Bones could adopt, true. You'll have to wait and see what happens :).

Anino wrote: "I know that this may seem a little farfetched, but... Will there ever be a novella or novel that gives the POV of Cat's Mom during her teenage years & how she dealt with raising Cat in such a cons..."

Jeaniene: I'd love to do this, actually, because there's much more to Justina than I've been able to show, but right now, I'm booked with existing deadlines. Maybe one day!

Pamela wrote: "Are you gonna have any new heroines in the future?"
Jeaniene: Yes, Leila is the new heroine of the Night Prince series. First book, Once Burned, out June 26th.

t'irla ~aka s'layer~ wrote: "Will we ever see the Ghoul that had his tongue cut again? I got the feeling Cat wanted to adopt him but he went with the others and we never saw him again"

Jeaniene: I'm expecting him to turn up again before the series ends.

TWiser wrote: "Will we be seeing more of Veritas? Maybe a power? sorry tons of question. I'm just glad some other people are asking some."

Jeaniene: Yes, you should see more of Veritas. As for her powers, that would come up later.

t'irla ~aka s'layer~ wrote: "I have both read and Listened to your whole series and it is great cause the mind remembers different things from each media. Do you find when you write that you use any visuals as a vehicle to aid in keeping the story going or the characters straight?"

Jeaniene: Not the story or the characters. With settings or objects, visual aids help. I'll run to the computer and look up a park that a scene is set it to get the details right, for example.

Jeaniene: Okay, I think I got everything! Again, if I didn't respond to your specific question, someone else asked it and my answer is elsewhere in the thread.

Thanks SO much for having me on the site tonight and for coming out to chat! I had a great time and I appreciate all of your thoughtful questions and your kind comments. Hope to see some of you at the signings (posted here, if you missed them ) and otherwise, I'll see you around Goodreads :).

Hugs and good night!

Thank you so much to the moderators at Gotta Have Paranormal Romance with a Kick for making this Q&A happen.

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