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Books in News #8

A wrap-up of recent events, announcements, releases, or other news circulating the web.

Welcome back my amazing followers and lurkers, today is Books in News #8, your weekly fix of all things written and other related matters.
Let’s begin this round with positive news. The comic books fever has never truly receded. Each year we see announcements of any given attempt at reinventing the genre and bring it forth to a new generation. Although I don’t personally read comic books, not currently anyways, I have grown loving them and respect the various forms of empowerment that they inspire. So this particular bit of news brought a smile to my face when I read it, and still does. Being a comic book fan has no age, gender, or even nationality, it has become a multicultural phenomenon. So it’s really no surprise that little kids want to emulate their favorite powerful and cool characters. So is the case of Anthony Smith, a 4-year-old who refused to wear a hearing aid because superheroes do not wear them. This kid’s parents contacted none other than Marvel, asking whether or not there was a superhero that had some extra help. Marvel replied that yes, Hawkeye had used a hearing aid before his hearing was restored. However, in true superhero fashion, Marvel went above and beyond and created a completely new super called Blue Ear, a hero that can rescue the innocent bystanders thanks to his hearing aid. Inspire kids’ dreams and help them realize that they are incredible no matter what, now that is what I call Super!

Speaking of kids, there is currently (although don’t know for how long) a free book at Smashwords for children, ages 8-12. I haven’t read it yet, but will do this summer. It’s about 83 pages long, here is the description:
Elspeth is eleven days from her eleventh birthday, desperately hoping her mother will fetch her from Rutherfords school, when a welfare officer arrives to take her to her grandfather, Sir Runstable of Whitterburn Hall, whom she has never met.
Her grandfather tells her she is heir to a vast inheritance. But in order to claim her rights, she has to learn the secret codes of the Shadow Garden – a set of squares laid out like a chess board in the grounds that offers extreme danger if you step on the shadowed squares and even worse consequences if you step backwards.
But before she can learn the codes of the garden, Elspeth makes the mistake of stepping backwards. This unfortunate slip takes her into a dark world of magic, mystery and danger. She meets vampire Count Dragool whose past wives populate the dungeons of his castle in the form of ghouls, and whose children are a collection of violent young vampires.
When the castle begins to collapse, Elspeth escapes and finds her way back to Whitterburn. Sir Runstable assumes Elspeth will return to the Shadow Garden to learn its secrets and her true identity, but Elspeth has had enough of the strange world of Whitterburn Hall and her equally odd grandfather, and refuses. All she wants is a settled life with her mother.
Unwittingly, however, she has brought back a talisman, a key that once applied, will unlock more secrets about Whitterburn and her extraordinary destiny. With the talisman in her hand, Elspeth realizes her adventures were real – and not yet over.

Book 1 of a fantasy series.
Followers of the Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian we have a date for Mira’s book! Yup, on the author’s Facebook Page there is an announcement stating that Edge of Dawn has been schedule for January 2013! Now all we need is a cover art ^.^

Speaking on book obsessions, the duo best known as Ilona Andrews has rewarded their fans for their heroine’s win at the Alpha Showdown Round 12 hosted by the ladies from the Vampire Book Club. Ilona Andrews promised the beginning of chapter 6 from the next Kate Daniels adventures and they just delivered! Yup, Kate won over Viking vampire Eric Northman and now we get a snippet from the next book.

From one favorite to another, on Tuesday Kim Harrison announce a special promotion for her anthology Into the Woods. In September, one of the new stories from the book will be pre-released as a ebook only at a low price. Ms. Harrison compares it so buying one track out of an entire album as a preview. Later that week, on Friday, she gave us fan a small look at what life could have been like without our favorite pixie in the picture. Some fans have speculated that it has to do with the CW’s production of the TV version of the Hollows, judge for your self:
“Ivy, have you seen Jenks this morning?”

Ivy looked up from her katana, carefully balanced on her knees as she sharpened the blade and watched her latest reality TV show as we sat in the sanctuary and had a little dinner. “Who?”

Pausing in my bowl of Captin Krunch, I hesitated. “Jenks,” I said. “Glenn wants me to come down to the FIB and look at something, and I could use his help.”

Shaking her head, she returned to her work, the slow, snick snick of the stone and blade comforting almost. “No, is he some new client you’ve been helping out?”

The sweet milk and cereal went tasteless, and I set down the bowl. “Jenks! Four inches tall, wings, silver sparkles, attitude, able to give you a lobotomy and skates around on an ice cube? Where are his kids, anyway? God, it’s quiet in here.”

Ivy looked at me like I had slugs for eyebrows, moving with her vampiric speed as she stood. I jerked back into my chair, startled, but she was only going to the door.

“How’s my girls!” Kisten exclaimed as the heavy oak door slammed into the wall. “Ivy, take this, will you? I’ve got your orange juice and butterscotch pudding.”

“Bout time you got back,” the tall, svelt vampire said, giving Kisten a little nip on the neck as she took the bag. “Curse my coffin. You got the wrong brand.”

I stood up. Something was wrong. “Jenks,” I insisted. “Where the Turn is he? We’ve been working together for three years!”

“A pixy?” Ivy said, and Kisten eased close, smelling of magic and mayhem. He’d been dabbling in charms again.

“Honestly Rachel. You have got to stay away from those demons.” He said. “Leave them to me.”

Ivy gave Kisten a worried look, her hand trailing reluctantly off him as she went down the long hall to the kitchen, grocery bags in arm. It was about then that I noticed the suitcase. Moving in or moving out? I wondered, horribly disturbed.

“He’s got 54 kids and he owns the damned church!” I said, and Ivy turned, a black, scary silhouette in the darker hall.

But then the front door burst open again.


I spun, shocked. “Trent?” At least I thought it was Trent. And he had a gun.

“If I can’t have you, no one can!” he screamed, and I stood, shocked as he pulled the rifle to his shoulder and then . . . shot at me!

It was as if everything cycled down to that one moment, the entire three years of my existence, of leaving the I.S. to go out on my own, and the world I’d built, scratching everything out from nothing. The bullet was too close. I wasn’t going to make it!

“Look out, Rache!” a high pitched voice shouted, and I stumbled, silver sparkles blinding my eyes as I fell, tripping on the rug and hitting my head on the church’s old oak floor. The bullet pinged into a different direction, burring itself into the solid oak framework, inches from Ivy.

Flat on the floor, I coughed, waving my hand in front of my face as Jenks hovered inches over it.

“Tink’s little pink dildo, Rache, what the hell are you doing? Laying on the floor like a troll at a construction site drunk on cement.”

“Jenks!” I sat up, confused. Ivy was coming in from the back kitchen, her latest vamp vixen in her had open to “fifty ways to eat your lover.” Where’ve you been?”

“Right here.” Looking like a cross between an inner city gang member and a theater guy, he landed on my knee, his dust shifting to a warming gold.

“Where’s Kisten? He was just here.”

Ivy’s expression fell. “Rachel, Kisten is dead.”

“I know!” Slowly I stood. Kisten was here, and he smelled like magic. Jenks was not. And Trent? I looked at the church’s door, closed tight against the soft rain. It was raining, and somehow that felt good.

Ivy set her hand on my shoulder, and my eyes jerked to her. “You sure you’re okay? You hit your head pretty hard.”

“Yeah.” I looked at where the suitcases had been, but it was just my old oak desk. There were pixy kids playing in it. I’d told them not to, but somehow, I didn’t care right now.

“Yes. Everything is okay.”
Keeping with the paranormal theme, House Rules, book 7 in the Chicagoland Vampires, has had its cover officially revealed. In an exclusive post, hosted by A Book Obsessions, Kt Clapsadl spoke about the First Annual Chicagoland Spring Fling, plus unveiled the cover:

That reminds me, looks like there is a new trend in book clubbing and is called the Twittersverse. I found this article that explains the concept in a more in-depth matter. The clip notes version? Well, you start a twitter book club with your followers, you choose a book to read for a whole month and at the same time ask for next months’ nominations. Then you read it and twit about it, one chapter at a time. There you have it a completely social, never-leave-my-home book club experience.

In more book news, it seems like everyone has read or will read the Fifty Shades Trilogy and those who are in the entertainment business love to either dramatize scenes from the book or do a bit of televised reading. First it was Ellen DeGeneres, now is Selena Gomez in Shades of Blue, and the main cast of Snow White and the huntsman in a special for Erotica (an MTV segment if I’m not mistaken). It seems like everyone loves to poke fun at the most trending… ehh, well, trend. Let me say this, Charlize Theron’s face is priceless on this video!

Since we are on the Kristen Stewart subject, Movie posters for the last Twilight film, Breaking Dawn part 2, have officially surfaced on the net. The Movie hit theaters on November 16, 2012.
Another movie that got their posters released this week was also another final franchise chapter (at least for now). The Dark Knight Rises comes out this summer, July 20, 2012.
In case you like to vote for your favorites, the Teen Choice Awards are open for voting (voting is now closed).

Lastly, major UK bookstore, Waterstone, will include the Kindle on their shelves to be sold to its customers. It was previously rumored that they were working with Barnes & Noble to get their hands on the Nook but it looks like Amazon won this one.

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