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Books in News #7

A wrap-up of recent events, announcements, releases, or other news circulating the web.

Welcome to the 7th installment of Books in News. Today’s news are from the week between Sunday May 13, 2012 and Saturday May 19, 2012.

Let’s begin with some TV news, the CW has officially canceled two of its new series, The Ringer and Secret Circle, while renewing Hart of Dixie and ANTM. Now, I actually like (and might be one of the apparent few by the sounds of the fans) Hart of Dixie, but I think that ANTM has run its course, but that is just me.

In book news, a study suggests that you are what you read, yup, just like you read it. According to a new study published at the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, connecting with our favorite characters might, unconsciously, make us replicate their actions and belief systems in real life. Apparently those who read books with good protagonists do more good actions, while those who read books with evil protagonists (say, a serial killer) are more inclined to justify the character’s actions. It's an interesting concept, I guess the same can also be argued about TV programs and movies.

May brought with it a good number of sequels, among them Cassandra Clare’s City of Lost Souls. The Omnivoracious, an Amazon book blog, posted on Wednesday a video with Cassandra Clare answering some of the fans’ most burning questions: HERE is the link for your viewing pleasure. And know this, Cassie has uploaded a deleted scene from the book to her website. The scene is between Magnus and Alec, enjoy:
Warlock law was very clear on this point: if you loved a mortal, all well and good, but it was not your place to interfere with their mortality. It took a long time to become used to such a law . . . usually until you realized that being immortal was less a gift than a burden.
Magnus dropped the snuffbox back onto the desk and picked up the phone, hitting the speed-dial button for Alec’s number. When Alec picked up he sounded both harried and hopeful: “Magnus? Have you found anything?”
“Nothing. I’m sorry.”
“Oh.” Crushing disappointment made Alec’s voice sound small.
“But I was thinking about parabatai,” said Magnus. “When parabatai are especially close, they can sense if the other is dead, or Changed, or —”
“I know,” said Alec. “I know that. I felt it — for that moment that Jace died, back in Idris. But this isn’t like that.” Magnus could picture him, eyes blue in his pale face, tugging at a snarled lock of his hair. Alec usually looked like he’d fallen out of bed and into a random pile of clothes, rather than as if he’d actually picked out an outfit, and since Jace had gone missing, he’d started to look like he’d stopped brushing his hair, too. “I just feel nothing.”
“Like really nothing? As in . . . nothingness?”
“Right . . .?” Alec sounded confused.
“That actually does give me some ideas,” said Magnus. “I’ll do everything I can to help, you know that, right, Alexander? Not because it’s the Clave, but because it’s you.”
“I know.” Alec was silent for a moment. “It’s good to hear your voice, even if you can’t help,” Alec added, and hung up abruptly.
Magnus placed the phone next to him and sat for a moment, still enough to hear himself breathing. I’m losing him, he thought. I don’t know how or why, but I know that I am.
Speaking of the Mortal Instruments, casting information has been revealed by the studios. Looks like the casting for City of Bones has finally gone on full swing. In my opinion they got the age ranges wrong, but hey, it is their job to know.

Now to some Kim Harrison News, Mrs. Harrison did an interview with Joseph McCabe from where she dishes a bit about her upcoming deal with the CW of turning the beloved Hollows Series into the small screen. It appears that June will bring more news on this matter. However, it won’t be until October that Rachel fans will be able to hold Into the Woods in their hands, an anthology that gathers together all the previously published short stories along with some new material. The book can be preordered at Amazon and B&N, in the meantime, the book’s cover art got it’s official release this past week:

And from one witch to a half fairy waitress, the next book on the Sookie Stackhouse Series has a release date set already. Dead Ever After is schedule to come out on May 7, 2012.

If you were one of the thousands that since May 4th have paid their dues to the mighty Avengers you are probably already aware that there is talk going around about there being a sequel. Now there seems to also been talks about bringing more women into the cast! I'm all for strong, kick ass females in all types of industries so I say bring them on! For my review of the movie click HERE. Meanwhile, Joss Whedon is not sure on whether he should direct the second avengers movie as well.

Love Jeaniene Frost’s mighty Egyptian vampire best known as Mencheres? You are not alone. How about ebooks, do you read on digital? Eternal Kiss of Darkness’ ebook version has gotten the special treatment. The ebook has been placed on a temporary price of $1.99, an offer that will last until May 25, 2012; the last day until Once Burned hits stands. As a bonus the ebook contains the first three chapters of Vlad’s story. Here is the new trailer that accompanies the new ebook edition:

Also on Wednesday, the Huffington Post posted on their website an advice article for future readers. The article is title: 11 Mistakes Writers Make when Approaching Literary Agents. Simple advices that might help you advance in this industry; it won’t hurt to check them out.

The TV line-ups for the fall season are beginning to get their slot on the schedules and with it a bunch of new series are springing left and right. IGN did an article to help us keep up with some of the clips of upcoming shows. One of the new shows is call Arrow, and will tell the story of Green Arrow. Check the article on the link above for the other clips, here is one of them:

Now, Last but not least, I want to give my most sincere congratulations to Ellen DeGeneres, who celebrated her episode number 1,500 this week.


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