Friday, November 4, 2011

Character Names Help Please!!

Hello Everyone:

I am writing a story and I’m having problems deciding on the main characters’ names.

My main female is a Puerto Rican girl, she is white, with dark brown hair; about 5’4”; she is a witch with powers over the elements and her eyes – which are naturally brown – change color whenever she manifests a power over a particular element. Example: orangy-red for fire, cobalt blue for water, yellow for wind, and so on. I already know what her last names are going to be Meléndez Nieves; but I have trouble choosing a name for her. The names I like are

Mariana (I’m liking this one the most, but still not sure)

At the end she will be   Insert Name Here   Meléndez Nieves (traditional latina name).

Now for my main male character I already know what name I want, I have problems figuring out his (and his family’s) last name. His name will be Alexander (Alex for short). He is a British young vampire, with creamy white skin, naturally deep blue eyes, golden hair with light brown streaks and he is a total gentleman. He has a strong build but he is also lean. He’s a photographer, and an artist; and has practice martial arts since he was a kid (courtesy of his dad). He is also a very young contemporary vampire (barely in his early 20’s). When I started thinking about this story I always picture him as Alexander O’Connell; but British names and surnames are not my strong suit so I don’t know if it’ll be a correct last name to use or not.

Can anyone help me? I need some concrete names so that I can stop writing things like “He/Boy said…” or “She/Girl did…” it’s becoming very confusing.

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