Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Rating System

Five Stars Rating System:

DISCLAIMER: This system, although popularly use to for rating movies, books, items, etc. I am making it my own. This is the way that I will rate my book and movies; under this system those that I like will most likely end up a 4 stars book. I want to limit the 5 stars rating for those works that can make you take a moment and reflect about your life; if I simply love it won’t get anything life changing out of it then it will remain a 4 star.


I confess, I have bit of a double standard in this particular category. Any book rated as a five star book is an outstanding work of literary art; it was amazing to read. There are life changing perspectives that can alter one’s personal thinking or views. For example, a book that I have rated with 5 stars is The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. However, some books are not life changing but are simply AMAZING and -in my honest opinion- worth giving a chance; so occasionally there will be some of those rated with 5 stars simply because I'm obsessing over them.


Well worth the time. I love it, it is not life changing, but is extremely enjoyable. I will most definitely recommend it to anybody who loves the particular genre. For example, a book that I have rated as 4 stars is the Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, Book 1) by Jeaniene Frost.


I actually enjoyed this book, like it but didn’t love it. It has some issues, but nothing that cannot be overlooked. Overall I feel very neutral about this book, will most likely buy the next installment but I won’t rush to do it. For example, a book that I have rated 3 stars is Evangelina Green by Susan Firtik.


The book has its moments, unfortunately the bad outweighs the good; the potential is there, but overall could have been better. For example, a book that I have rated with 2 stars is Sacrifice (Mortal Path Book 2) by Dakota Banks.


I did not liked this book; I only finished it because I was giving it time for the story to get better, it never happened. In my opinion not worth reading, there is no way that I’ll recommend it. For example, a book that I have rated with 1 star is The Forest of Hand and Teeth (The Forest of Hand and Teeth, Book 1) by Carrie Ryan.

For a more simplified version of the rating visit my revamping post.

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