Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello There and Welcome!!

First off let me start with Hello, welcome and thank you for reading my blog. It is my first attempt at blogging and I’m a little apprehensive of the experience. So for the subject of my first post I will do my best to introduce myself and try to define my blog. I’m still not totally sure if it will be personal, or book reviews, or about my writings; probably a combination of all the above ^.^

So my name is Melisa and I’m from the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Feel free to call me Mel, my parents call me Melisa and they usually do it when they want to be formal or are just angry, everyone else calls me Mel, Mely or another variation. I’m an avid reader; I have so far read 52 books this year alone (according to Goodreads, where I log them) and I’m not done yet. My favorite genres are fantasy, urban fantasy, PNR, dystopian, as well as Sci-Fi. Movies are another passion of mine, to the point that I’m my family’s breathing, walking database. Music is also an important part of my life, although cats can sing better than I can, I always have music on, even if is just for background noise.

After many years of reading stories, I have decided to start writing my own. I’ve had a bunch of characters in my mind for well over 5 years and I just haven’t given them their deserved attention. One of the reasons for me to start this blog is to have the means put the story out there. Another is to have a place to showcase my favorite reads. Thinking about it I guess this blog will end up being a medley of this and other related works. I have a few of unpublished works, a few poems and essays that I would like to share as things move along.

So this would be it for my introductory post. Hope you have enjoyed it and that you’ll come back for more.

Here is one of my works; I found a picture online once (can't remember where) and i tried to draw it, this is the my end result:

It was over a year ago, and it still need more shading and finishing touches but i don't think i'll do it, not yet anyways.
PS: My first language is Spanish with English being my second; chances are that I will make mistakes grammar wise. Another thing is that some of my writings might be in Spanish instead of English.

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