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Blog Tour: Crimson Darkness

Hey there my amazing followers and lurkers. How have you all been lately? Welcome back to another wonderful blog tour. Today's authors are visiting us for the third time; this time to promote their sequel novel Crimson Darkness, which will be released as soon as September 1st, 2012.

If the name sounds familiar to you, that's because they also dropped by recently to give me and small group of bloggers an exclusive look at the book's Cover Real. (Psst... want to take a peek at the cover? CLICK ON THIS LINK, let that be our little secret).

So who's visiting us today you may ask? Well, not one, but two authors; the writing duo of Amos Cassidy. And for their visit they are giving you, my amazing readers, a never before published scene from their debut novel Crimson Midnight, the first book on the Crimson series. You can read my review of Crimson Midnight HERE. You can also drop by and read the author interview from the previous tour HERE.

Now, without further ado, I leave you in the hands of Amos Cassidy:


This previously unpublished extract takes place on the day before Rose is due to announce her status as supernatural. If you’ve read Crimson Midnight then you’ll remember that she spends the evening with Thistle, but the day is hers alone. On this day she meets someone interesting…someone who you will meet in Crimson Darkness…

Rose had a whole day planned; a whole day of normal tourist indulgence. She’d been in London for a good few weeks now and hadn’t really had a chance to explore her new home. She wanted to get out and about, forget all about the whole supernatural thing, the attack… This was her day.

The morning had flown by as she’d taken in an exhibition at Tate Britain. Hours were devoured by time’s habit of running away with itself, and now it was already lunch time. To be honest she was a little irritated with herself. She hadn’t intended on spending so much time in the gallery, there was so much else she wanted to do. But she had become lost in the paintings they had to offer.

Sipping her hot chocolate she glanced at the passers-by as they went about their business. The hustle and bustle of London had a strange coordinated beauty all of its own. She had found a little café with outside seating. Despite the chill in the weather, she was happy to sit outside. There was so much left to do on her list and realistically there was no way she would be able to tick it all off, so it was time to prioritise. As she stared at her neatly handwritten plan for the day, a shadow fell across her table and a chill swept up her spine.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” The voice was like honey on toast. Rose’s head snapped up and she found herself captivated by two smouldering dark eyes. The face wasn’t too bad either. Okay, who was she kidding? The guy was smoking hot, in a not- of-this-world Highlander kind of way. He even had the whole ponytail at the nape of his neck thing going. “May I?” He indicated the seat opposite her.
Rose glanced about; she was the only person taking advantage of the outdoor seating, which meant the other four tables were completely free. She sat back in her seat regarding the man.

“There’s no shortage of seats so I assume you’re planning on chatting me up and if that’s your plan then you’re wasting your time. I’m not interested. Sorry.” She broke eye contact and returned her attention to her list.

The man pulled out the chair opposite her and sat down.

Rose sighed and sat back again. “Seriously?”

The man shrugged. “I hate to dine alone.”

“Dine? If you hadn’t noticed this isn’t a restaurant, it’s a café, the most you’ll get in terms of dining is a sandwich.”

He chuckled. “I apologise for being so forward, it’s just that I’m new to London, you looked like a tourist too and I thought…maybe we could trade tourist tips.” He shrugged, looking sheepish.

Rose felt herself relax a fraction. “Yeah, well I live here so I’m not a tourist…well not really.”

The man nodded. “I see, well, with a place as big as London you could live here all your life and still not see everything.”

“True.” She smiled.

“So…would you mind if I sit with you and order a sandwich?” There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye.

What the hell? It was only a sandwich and a cup of coffee, right?

An hour later and they were still at the café, on their third beverages, and deep in conversation. The guy was fascinating, he had been so many places and seen so much, and the way he spoke…it made her think of old movies and gentlemanly acts. The fact that he was easy on the eyes helped a lot too. There was something easy about him, something safe that made her open up. She’d found herself talking about her dad and her mum and Flo and her new friends. It was strange but she felt completely at ease. And the best part was he listened.

There was a lull in the conversation and she glanced at her watch and yelped. “Damn! It’s almost 2pm!”

“Really? Oh goodness!” he chuckled and drained his cup. “I should get going.”

She was surprised to feel a pang of disappointment but squashed it quickly. “Yeah, me too. It was really nice meeting you…er…” It struck her that she didn’t even know his name.

He smiled but didn’t fill in the blank. “It was nice meeting you too. I have enjoyed learning about you.” His eyes seemed to darken, to fill her vision. “Until we will meet again.”

Those eyes, they were all consuming, they filled the world….

Rose blinked and stared at her empty coffee cup. There was a moment of disorientation and then her eyes fell on her wristwatch. She yelped. 2pm! Where had the time gone! She couldn’t believe she’d spaced out like that. She sighed. Well, that was her day done with. Lucky no one swiped her bag while she was zoned out!

Might as well head home. As she got up and gathered her handbag, her eyes fell on the other coffee cup at her table…strange.

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