Monday, November 4, 2019

Reviews in Progress:

           Hi everyone! This time I can honestly say I haven't forgotten about the blog. So, if I haven't been uploading or making snazzy new changes, what have I been doing? Well, honestly, tackling this semester's workload. My classes have been heavy on the writing, reading, and research this semester and on top of that I have to do an investigation and  the first part of a thesis. So all in all my life has been somewhat hectic.

           Now, where reviews are concerned,  I have a few ideas in mind. I want to add more variety to the types of books reviewed here as well as to the content of the blog. Because my interests are more academically inclined now I've been toying with the idea of reviewing and writing about more academic topics and texts as well. I can't say there will be a lot in the way film and tv reviews, but I also want to expand on those. For anyone interested here is a short list of the reviews I plan to work on:

  • The Goldfinch (film)
  • Alice Isn't Dead (novel)
  • Poetry books by Ramona Meisel 
  • Continue the Guild Hunter series reviews 
           Now, aside from these, I've also considered adding reviews about a few podcasts I've been listening to. If these do end up being written and actually implemented into the site, the reviews would be about podcasts like: 
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • The Magnus Archives
  • Alice Isn't Dead
           Of course, seeing is believing. In all honesty the podcast reviews might take longer than the regular ones because I don't listen to podcasts very consistently. Nevertheless the previously mentioned reviews are some I've been dying to work on for a while and can't wait to upload. I don't yet have everything about this blog figured out yet like the formatting my sister used, but I'll be sure to annoy her as much as necessary so the content remains uniform across all review types. 

Kindest regards: 

P.S.: While my signature used to be Silros, it will now be changed to my own name. I will go through the previous posts making the necessary changes to avoid confusion, but for now know that this blog is still being run by the same sisters. 

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