Friday, August 19, 2016

Back in Black!

Hello everyone!

After a two and a half year long hiatus, almost to the date, we’re back! Well, I’m back. To those who followed this blog from its inception, you may remember me as Mel’s younger sister who occasionally reviewed Children and Young Adult novels. The reason this blog fell into disuse was because my sister became too busy studying and working that she rarely had time to update here. Actually, she rarely has time at the moment either. I on the other hand didn’t really contribute much to this blog in the first place, so it wasn’t hard for me to get distracted and forget about it. While my sister doesn’t have time to run the blog full time, I do. Maybe not full time, but I do plan to give some love to this blog every now and then.

If anybody is worried about potentially big changes to the blog, I can assure you that I genuinely doubt I’ll do something big. After all, the blog still belongs to my sister. Odds are she might occasionally drop in and post content. I can’t, unfortunately, guarantee that it will happen though.

As I never made an About Me that will be the first thing I’ll get around to posting. As soon as I figure my way around the blog, that is. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Wish me luck!


I believe in honesty and I appreciate the trust that you, as followers, place on me when you visit my blog. As such, a policy has been develop to comply with the FTC Guidelines, on the basis of my recent incursion in Blog Affiliations. To read the site policy follow THIS LINK.

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